Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final Sunday Book Blog of 2008

One of the things that I've been enjoying about my time off is all of the extra time that I have for reading.  I usually read about 2-3 books per week anyway but it's been great to just read and not worry about writing.  Although, I have to say that this month the publishing world seems to have some kind of a dry spell because I haven't been impressed with my local Barnes and Noble.  So I've been re-reading some oldies but goodies.  I love re-reading.  No matter how many times I read a book, if I enjoy the writing, I can always allow myself to be swept up in the story again. 

But the slump is over!

I bring to you two books (whose due dates should technically be in January but were shelved this week) that I truly enjoyed.

When undercover FBI agent Chris Renshaw meets the elusive but oh-so alluring Rob one night in a smoky nightclub, she had no idea that he is the elusive art thief that she has been chasing.  That's why she allows herself to be swept away in an incredible night of passion unlike any that she has experienced before.  And why she needs to walk away the next morning.  When Robin of Locksley awakens to find his bed empty, he is not pleased, especially when he finds out that he's been deceived by Chris.  But circumstances forces them to work together when the book that they've booth been pursuing is stolen from under Robin's nose and on Chris's watch. A stunning act of betrayal propels them to join forces on an international romp in search of the book and a passion that cannot be denied.

Okay, well, this is no my best description.  In fact, it's really just bare bones because there is so much happening in the book that no blurb could encompass it all.  I really enjoyed this book and Ms. Viehl's writing.  She truly weaves the plot lines from the different books seamlessly.  There are also surprises galore throughout the story.  My only qualm is that there is no description of Chris and Robin's first night together which I gather was amazing since Chris says that she had things done to her body that no man has done before.  But this fact is forgiven by a very artful and very sexy m/m scene that comes out of left field but explains so much.

I am very sad because it seems like this might be the end of the Darkyn series.  She is branching out into a series of book based on the Kyndred (you have to read the book to find out what means).  I'm looking forward to see where this goes.  My only complaint is that I wish she would put out more books a year but I'm sure that she doesn't have a tone of control over this, plus she writes in multiple genres.

This is not a book for someone new to the series.  In fact, if you haven't read the previous Darkyn novels, don't even pick this up.  Start with book one and work your way through them.


When Claire, an elemental witch from an alternate universe, is pushed through a dimensional portal and into Chicago, it's no wonder that no one believes that she's being pursued by demons and lock her up in an insane asylum.  But she's used to captivity.  On Eudae, she was little better than a slave.  But she manages to get a message to the other Earth witches and is rescued by Adam Tyrell.  The attraction between them is immediate.  Claire is unlike any witch Adam has known.  She's way more powerful, all four of the elements are hers to command.  Her powers do not prevent her from being pursued by demons who want the Elium, a powerful weapon, which was thrust into her just before her Demon master pushed her through the portal.  But being pursued by demons does little to dampen Adam and Claire's desire for each other as they let their passion explode while at the same time working overtime to save her life.

I love this book.  I loved the previous two books. Anya Bast creates powerful characters and love scenes so hot, they practically scorch your fingers.  That's what I love about writers who come out of e-pubs.  They know how to craft a love scene.  The romance genre is moving towards hotter sex scenes and the e-pubs were and are at the forefront of what the public wants.  Adam and Claire are good with each other, and not just in bed.  I liked the story line.  Even though it's paranormal, it's not that far-fetched (if you get passed the whole alternate world thing).

Rating: Run

Well, Happy New Year!  I'll be back soon with more Harmless Smut, Reviews, and Observations the week of January 5th.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

As a treat, I present to you the worst Christmas song ever!!!!  I just had to share it.  I bawl my eyes out every time I hear it.  Who wants that for Christmas? 

Oh, and if you find that you're missing me, I blogged at Colorado Vixens.  Check me out.  I will be back here at Harmless Smut after the new year.