Monday, February 15, 2010

Man Meet Monday: Enrique Iglesias

Happy Presidents' Day!!

I know that you are all so excited to celebrate the holiday. Pfft!

Anyhoo, I am knee-deep into a story. YAY!!! I need to get my ass in gear. Maybe Valentine's Day will inspire me.

Or maybe Enrique will.

This guy is HOT!!! I seriously want to lick him. And lick him. And bite him. I have s sneaking suspicion he tastes like caramel. If you couldn't tell, he totally does it for me. I have been in lust with him since 'Bailamos' came out ten years ago. Even now, he gives me the tinglies. I wish I saw more of him. (Literally!) I even forgive him his Anna Kournakova stint. Every man needs to get that out of his system.

I was actually heartbroken when he had the mole removed from his face. I thought that was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. That just goes to show you how much I do love him. Who else can claim a mole is sexy? Unless they're Cindy Crawford.

Fortunately for me, the internet is rife with shirtless pictures of the man of my dream. And I am generous enough to share him with you all.



Monday, February 1, 2010

Man Meet Monday: Josh Duhamel

Welcome to February! I thought that I would start the week and the month off right with some Monday morning hotness.

Josh Duhamel first got his start as a model before moving on to acting with his role as Leo du Pres on All My Children. Since then he has transitioned into a genuine Hollywood leading man with roles in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Transformers,and more recently When in Rome.

Unfortunately, he is married but who cares about that.

The best part? LOTS of photos of a half-naked, hot-as-hell, Josh.