Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RomCon 2010

Hello Blogosphere!

This weekend was a big one here in Denver, CO. The planets aligned to bring a giant slice of awesomeness to our Mile High City. Last weekend was RomCon. It was billed to be the biggest event for romance readers around and I have to say I agree, although there weren't all that many readers there. It was the first year so I wasn't expecting much and my expectation were WAY exceeded.

It's true what they say that writers are readers first and so even though the ration of author to reader seemed like 5:1, it was all good. Especially since I'm a huge fan girl and I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite authors like Christine Feehan, Jessa Slade, Shannon K. Butcher, Nicole Peeler and the woman I most wanted to see, Nalini Singh.

There was so much opportunity for fans to meet up and spend time with an author. I did the Speed Date an author and people came to talk to me and even if they hadn't read my stuff, we still could have a great conversation about the books we liked and all things romance which I love to do especially since I rarely get the chance to do it.

The most fun I had was doing the Midnight Sexcapades with Delilah Marvelle, Lila DiPasqua, Bridget Midway, Delinda Jasper, K Jones, and a couple others whose names escape me night now. It was a raucous and rowdy night! I had very little hope that anyone would even show because it was the same night as the ball but we were packed and most people stayed until the end which was awesome. I decided to get the ladies (and a couple gentlemen) drunk by playing the drinking game 'Never Have I Ever.' Let me tell you, these women were freaks! One woman in her 60s told us about the time she had sex while stowing away on a freight train. Sweet.

However, the most fun came when Delinda read aloud from one of her books and had two people in the audience act out what she was saying. There is a video out there and as soon as I can find it, I'll send out a link. The woman, Jackie and the guy, Sam really gave us quite the performance. And at the end, they basically made out for real. It was so much fun.

I also got invited to join the Denver fetish community by a woman who shares her man with another woman. Ah, polyamory! She told me that judging from some of my answers the previous night at Sexcapades, she thinks I would be an ideal candidate. I thanked her, not knowing what to say to that but oddly flattered. I told her that I did have a story in mind that involved a BDSM and they very generously offered to educate me which was great and I do plan to take them up on it.

I won't say the conference wasn't without its flaws. For one, the setup for the book signing was weird. You bought your books up front and then went to this back room to have it signed. This did not work. Like I did not know Julia Quinn was there and I love her books and I was going to buy her new one but decided against it. I would have purchased it had I known she was going to be there.

Another thing was the food. I didn't but the meal tickets and I'm glad I didn't cuz I would've been pissed if I spent $35 on the one meal I got. The only reason I got the ticket was because Nicole Peeler gave it to me because she was out being wined and dined by her publisher and eating freeze dried ice cream and root beer from a giant syringe (her story not mine). The food I had was awful and wasn't even the menu they'd advertised. I should've known about the food because the hotel used to be a Holiday Inn where my company used to hold their Christmas parties and the food wasn't good even then. So the decor got better and the food got even worse if that's possible.

The other thing I didn't like was the location. It was near the airport in a part of town that was mostly warehouses. I know it was probably cheaper to hold the conference there but I kind of wish it was in a nicer part of town that was more accessible to all the fun stuff in town. I offered to show people around and give them a taste of Denver but no one took me up on my offer.

Despite that, I think the conference was amazing. I can't wait to do it again. I'm so glad they're keeping it in Denver and I have my fingers crossed that we'll one day attract Nora Roberts.

And now for some photographs!

I promised Jackie I wouldn't tell anyone how I got her and Sam to kiss but let's just say she wanted it. Bad!

The crowd from Midnight. This night was fucking crazy fun! We engaged in all sorts of wickedness and I got people drunk which was really more of a privilege than a duty. I just hope no one has pictures of me with the glow in the dark penis.

Jackie and I after the conference. We're both tired as shit which is why we look like it!

Me and Christine Feehan! It was so cool that I got a chance to chat with her for like five minutes. She was crazy nice!

That's right! Me and Nalini Singh! Jealous?
She is so freaking sweet and her accent is so cute. I think it's fair to say I have a pretty big girl crush!