Monday, November 29, 2010


Sorry that it's been three months. I'm not the best blogger. I'm more a Tweeter as I've already said.

I did want to share my good news, though. For those of you who have been waiting for a sequel to "Dirty Business" your wait will be over on 2/1/11.

Tentatively titled "Business of Pleasure", it centers around Chloe's best friend, Carmen and Sean's best friend, Drew. They are explosive together! Carmen is sassy and sexual and Drew is sexy and reserved but oh, when you get him in the bedroom, he is a sexual dynamo!

This book is IR. Carmen is from the Dominican Republic and Sean is Caucasian.

For Sean and Chloe fans, you will get a bit more insight into their relationship. The story starts at their wedding. It makes me happy that they have their happy ending (Ha Ha).

Anyway, more updates when they come along. I probably won't blog for a while because now the edits begin.