Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My RT Awards

So, I thought that I would try to entertain you with my own version on the Romantic Times awards wherein I give out awards in my own ridonkulous categories.

Before I do, I just want to say that I had a blast!  I met a ton of kickass cool peeps.  I gave out my card like candy so I hope that some of them come to visit my blog or the Vixens. 

You know, there's something liberating about being around people who read what you do, not having to justify your reading preference, and being able to meet and hang with authors, people you thought you'd never meet.  Seriously, I doubt that George Clooney would spend a week just hanging with peeps at a week-long conference.  He'd get molested, possibly raped, but that's besides the point.  

And the Award Goes To...

Biggest 'Oops' Moment:
Happened not in Orlando but on the plane to.  Sat next to really nice, good looking guy.  A pilot.  Talked the entire flight (something I never do. Contrary to my bubbly personality, I don't talk on planes.  I don't know you, I don't have shit to say to you, and frankly could give a fuck what you have to say.)  We liked the same movies, TV, humor.  But I neglected to get his number.  Granted, he could have asked for mine but this is the 21st C.  Women can ask men out!

Nicest Author I met:
Hmmm... this is a toss-up.  I met so many great authors who were (mostly) super nice but I have to give this award to Cynthia Eden.  She was just so sweet.  Very polite and very southern belle.  And funny.  She even remembered my name the next day (without reading my tag) and we chatted about her new RS series coming from Grand Central.  Can't wait to read it!

Funniest Person:
Another toss-up.  I wish that I could have spent more time chatting with SB Sarah but again, I need a minute to really warm up before all this crazy lets loose!  I would include myself in this category (cuz I am one funny bitch!) but I'd have to say Kimberly Kaye Terry.  Her comments always had me in stitches!

Most Surreal Moment:
Sitting at a table  at the poolside bar with Jaye Wells, Stacia Kane, Teri Smythe, and others whilst singing Tom Jones, Journey, and other crazy music.  Didn't know I could be so white!

Nicest Surprise:
Jaye Wells.  She was super awesome, funny, sarcastic, my kind of gal.  We were both very relieved that after three years on an online 'friendship' that neither one of us was Crazy Stalker Bitch.  Of course, the 'crazy' is implied but no 'Stalker Bitch' tendencies were detected by either of us.  I hope to see her again.  I loved talking to her.  She makes me snort (with the funny not the coke).  (And, she has my card so a phone call wouldn't be rejected.  Call me!  Oops, crazy stalker bitch alert!) GO BUY HER BOOK.  Red Headed Stepchild.

Most Fucked Up RT Award  Acceptance Speech:
The woman (who shall remain nameless) who took credit for starting an entire subgenre of romance twenty years ago.  This author, still nameless, I've seen interviews with and is what I affectionately call 'Bat Shit Crazy.'  Besides, she doesn't even do it well.  (Still, I hope she never reads this blog because I fear for my life.)

Biggest 'Oops' Part Deux:
So, I'm sitting in the restaurant and look up and happen to make eye contact with a tall, beautiful Black woman.  She smiles at me.  I smile back.  As we leave the restaurant, my friend and CP Tricia and I see her again in the hall.  She introduces herself as 'Leslie'.  We reciprocate.  Then my friend asks her something like 'What do you write?' She answers politely.  She said it was nice to meet us and that hopes to see us later.  The minute she's gone.  I fucking freak out, turn to Tricia and say, 'Oh, shit!  That was L.A. Banks!'  Recognition dawns on Tricia and she says 'And I asked her what she writes!'  Fun stuff.  The upshot is that I got one of her books free from the Goodie Bag room and promptly went out and bought two more.  I'd hope to have them signed but Kimberly Kaye Terry cockblocked me (unintentionally!) and I didn't get a chance before she left Friday.  (Stoopid high school reunion!)

Speaking Of Kimberly Kaye Terry:
Can I just say, I LOVE HER!!!  She is fucking hilarious.  I want to thank her for repping the people of color.  Her multicultural panels are thoughtful and well put together and give us a voice.  So thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Worst Night For Music and Crappiest DJ:
Every night but the Vampire Ball and whoever RT hired.  Thank you, Heather Graham. (I seriously remember a better caliber of music two years ago!)

Luckiest Moment:
Any time I didn't get trampled by a stampede of book hungry Book Sluts like me whenever free books were presented.  

An Added Bonus:
When Shayne put his head on my tit.  Good times!  (Please don't read this Heather Graham.)

Worst Food:
The Faery Ball.  I don't know what that shit was that I ate but I spent hours in the shower washing off the shame of having eaten most of it. I drew the line, however, on the yellowish thing that honestly looked like baby poop.  I found out later that it was creamed corn, cauliflower, and cheese.  (Although, I'm still not convinced that it wasn't first processed through a baby's colon.) 

Best Mission Accomplished:
Getting the ARC of Rapture from Jacki Frank.  I stalked that bitch all week and finally got her last copy.  I yelled so loudly, I'm pretty sure that I ruptured her eardrum.  But I love her!  Thank you so much, Jacki!  

Biggest Disappointment:
The small number of male cover models.  Two years ago, it was like wall-to-wall wang at the RT Convention!  Seriously, there was this one guy there, John, who had the most perfect ass God ever created.  Sigh.  I missed him.  (Note to RT: More dick next year!)

Another Biggest Disappointment:
Not meeting Lora Leigh.  She had to cancel.  I was crushed!  If you haven't read 'Nauti Intentions' stop reading this fucking blog and get your ass to B&N or wherever the hell you buy your books and get it.  Get all her books.  I LOVE THIS BITCH!!!!  Next year, she and I have a date with destiny.  (Maybe I am 'Crazy Stalker Bitch'!)

Another Surprise:
How well Rita Herron can dance the Electric Slide.  She can boogey for an older white lady!  But I have to tell you that hilarity ensued any time group dance movement were attempting to be accomplished.  I'm not saying that white people don't have rhythm...I'm just saying.

Best Dance Moment:
The pregnant woman doing a GREAT imitation of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' dance.  I hope someone got that on tape!

I could go on but I am a tired bitch!  So much more went on.  Like the funny business at the Mr. Romance competition but I won't go into that.  RT is always among the best times of my life.  I hope to go every year.  Even when it is in Columbus, OH.  Seriously, who the fuck wants to go there.  I talked to someone who lived there and she couldn't wait to leave that shithole.  But I will go because who the fuck leaves the hotel anyway?

Later Gators!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blame it on RT

So, I know that it's been for-fucking-ever!  I have a good excuse!  I've been at the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention since Tuesday and the internet there was slow as shit!  I barely made my TGIF blog over at the Vixens plus, my hotel room was far as fuck away from the convention center that there was no way I was sneaking away to blog.  

Don't distress, however, I will be blogging about my experience on Wednesday and boy did a lot of shit happen!  I love this convention so much that I may even brave Columbus, Ohio  next year.  (Saying that made me throw up.  Just a little.  A chunk to chew on in case I was hungry.)

But for now, I want to give you what you come here for (besides my potty mouth which got worse in this past week).  


Unfortunately, there's only one book this week.  Ironically enough, at a Booklover's convention, I didn't have time to read any books.  I did read one yesterday as I was flying for 10 fucking hours! 

Magnus is supposed to be the spiritual leader of his people, an icon of stability and peacekeeping.  That is until his world at the Sanctuary begins to unravel, starting with the betrayal of his handmaiden, Karri.  He has no one to trust, not even the woman that Drenna has sent to him.  

Daenaira knows all about slavery.  So when she is sent to Sanctuary to be Magnus' handmaiden, she believes she's leaving one captivity for another.  Still, she cannot deny that being the right hand of one of the most powerful men in 'Dweller culture is all bad.  Especially Magnus, who draws her closer even as she tries to keep her distance.  Neither one can trust but they're are going to be forced to work together to keep Sanctuary, and the Chancellery, from falling down around them.

Okay, you may be asking yourself, 'Rapture?  Doesn't that come out June 30th?'

THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES!  I got an ARC from Jacki herself.  I had to stalk her, hunt her down like a lion awaiting a lame gazelle.  I got her and her LAST ARC!  I just about screamed in her ear but I think she loves me anyway.  Even if she doesn't, I got the book.

And it was good.  Can I just tell you that the 'Dwellers are freaks!  Way more sensual and sexual than the Mightwalkers.  Seriously, I want to be one just for the sex lessons.  I mean, I'm good but I can always get better.

Anyways, Magnus and Daenaira are smoking!  They are a great H/H combination, striking off each others' strengths and weaknesses.  Daenaira is a kick-ass bitch, literally and Magnus knows she can be his best, and most powerful, weapon as well as his greatest weakness.

All in all, a very satisfying read.  Very different tone from her Nightwalkers series but still with the lush prose and great action. 

RATING:  RUN BITCHES!!!! (When it comes out!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Current Read: Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh

Hello Bloggers!  Yesterday was Easter so I didn't blog.  I gorged on turkey, ham, and this killer potato salad so by 5 o'clock, I had passed out and therefore no Book Blog emerged.

Until now...  (Yes, I'm out of my food coma!)

Lily Yu is a police detective hot on the trail of a murder that leads her directly to Rule Turner, prince of the Nikoloai clan and a werewolf.  The victim, the husband of Rules's lover, has been killed by a Lupus (werewolf).  All the clues point to him but she just can't bring herself to believe he's guilty.  Besides, her Gift is telling her that he's not a killer but that doesn't mean he's any less dangerous.  

I really liked this story.  It's kind of an urban fantasy because werewolves and witches are living out in society.  I like that there's not a complicated mythology to follow.  There are witches, Lupi, even gnomes, just because.  

Lily is a great heroine.  Not tough but not too hard.  Smart, sexy.  Rule is a typical Alpha male.  Loved him.  Loved their relationship.  Great chemistry.  Wished for a couple more sex scenes but then again, I always do because I'm a pervert.


At one time, Maya Black was a kick-ass cop until an attack left her a kick-ass vampire, the kind other vampires warn their children about (if they had any children).  That means little to Adam Brody.  He needs her to find his niece, even if it means  paying for her services in blood.  His blood.  He never expected to desire, to crave her, or to find the sting of her bite the most erotic experience of his life.  The close they get to finding his niece, the more he becomes sure that he'll never want to let her go.

Okay, this was a great book.  It's loosely based on her previous books but I think that it may be the start to a new series.  There are a couple characters that whose stories I can't wait to read. 

I loved Maya.  She could kick your ass on Sunday and you'd still be feeling it on Saturday.  She's the kind of character that I'm drawn to for my heroines.  As for Adam?  HOTTT!!!  He's more than a match for her, even if he is holding back a secret.  They balanced well and the story was interesting, again without being too complicated.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nothing Much

Sorry about the lack of Book Blog.  I didn't really read anything this weekend worth commenting about.  I'm working an a panel of my local RWA chapter and I don't want to comment here because so you were sans blog.

Nothing much doing here.  I'm working (unsuccessfully) on 30,000 words this month and editing my completed ms.

Oh, and because I am determined to keep all my peeps in the loop, I received three rejections in the space of two days.  The two agents that I queried passed.  Within hours of receiving my query, so, yeah appreciate their quick response.  Nothing like the sting of rejection first thing in the morning.  But, that's life.  That's the unpublished author life anyway.  I accept defeat and I move forward.  Onward and upward.  

Oh, and has anyone seen the movie 'Secretary'?  It's a quirky independent film with Maggie Glyllenhaal and James Spader (I LOVE HIM!).  It's this crazy story about a woman realizing she's a submissive after a stop in crazy town and I-cut-myself-ville.  James Spader plays a dom.  I can hear the ladies over at Dear Author lamenting the fact that she turned in a life a cutting herself for one of submission, but I don't care.  I loved the story.  To me, it was quirky, funny, dark, and sexy.  It proved that when it comes to matters of the heart, there's a shoe for every foot as my mama says.  So if you haven't seen it, do!  

Later Gators 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I'm Up To

Hello Blog Reader(s)-

So, it's been a bit of a slow month for me.  I haven't gotten nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to, especially when it comes to writing.  When I don't write, I edit.  And that's what I've been doing.  I took my WIP and slashed her, leaving her bleeding and gutted on the ground.  She deserved it.  She was 40,000 words too long.  Now she's just right.

I have also been working on my queries and my synopsis for said butchered girl.  I think I have a good one.  I queried two agents today.  YAY me!  As always, I will let you know the result of these.  

I also joined a Book In A Month thing sponsored by Anne Marie Novark with my CP Helen Hardt, to get some motivation.  If you would like to join in the fun, you can e-mail Anne Marie at

Other than that, I'm kind of stalled right now.  I'm not sure where to go with my current WIP.  I'm using Donald Maass' workbook to help me so maybe I can get some shit done.

SIGH.  Curse on the procrastinator.  To be doomed to be non-prolific.  I wanna be La Nora dammit!!