Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Current Read: Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh

Hello Bloggers!  Yesterday was Easter so I didn't blog.  I gorged on turkey, ham, and this killer potato salad so by 5 o'clock, I had passed out and therefore no Book Blog emerged.

Until now...  (Yes, I'm out of my food coma!)

Lily Yu is a police detective hot on the trail of a murder that leads her directly to Rule Turner, prince of the Nikoloai clan and a werewolf.  The victim, the husband of Rules's lover, has been killed by a Lupus (werewolf).  All the clues point to him but she just can't bring herself to believe he's guilty.  Besides, her Gift is telling her that he's not a killer but that doesn't mean he's any less dangerous.  

I really liked this story.  It's kind of an urban fantasy because werewolves and witches are living out in society.  I like that there's not a complicated mythology to follow.  There are witches, Lupi, even gnomes, just because.  

Lily is a great heroine.  Not tough but not too hard.  Smart, sexy.  Rule is a typical Alpha male.  Loved him.  Loved their relationship.  Great chemistry.  Wished for a couple more sex scenes but then again, I always do because I'm a pervert.


At one time, Maya Black was a kick-ass cop until an attack left her a kick-ass vampire, the kind other vampires warn their children about (if they had any children).  That means little to Adam Brody.  He needs her to find his niece, even if it means  paying for her services in blood.  His blood.  He never expected to desire, to crave her, or to find the sting of her bite the most erotic experience of his life.  The close they get to finding his niece, the more he becomes sure that he'll never want to let her go.

Okay, this was a great book.  It's loosely based on her previous books but I think that it may be the start to a new series.  There are a couple characters that whose stories I can't wait to read. 

I loved Maya.  She could kick your ass on Sunday and you'd still be feeling it on Saturday.  She's the kind of character that I'm drawn to for my heroines.  As for Adam?  HOTTT!!!  He's more than a match for her, even if he is holding back a secret.  They balanced well and the story was interesting, again without being too complicated.


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Wonderful book blog!

I'm glad you had a good Easter.