Monday, April 27, 2009

Blame it on RT

So, I know that it's been for-fucking-ever!  I have a good excuse!  I've been at the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention since Tuesday and the internet there was slow as shit!  I barely made my TGIF blog over at the Vixens plus, my hotel room was far as fuck away from the convention center that there was no way I was sneaking away to blog.  

Don't distress, however, I will be blogging about my experience on Wednesday and boy did a lot of shit happen!  I love this convention so much that I may even brave Columbus, Ohio  next year.  (Saying that made me throw up.  Just a little.  A chunk to chew on in case I was hungry.)

But for now, I want to give you what you come here for (besides my potty mouth which got worse in this past week).  


Unfortunately, there's only one book this week.  Ironically enough, at a Booklover's convention, I didn't have time to read any books.  I did read one yesterday as I was flying for 10 fucking hours! 

Magnus is supposed to be the spiritual leader of his people, an icon of stability and peacekeeping.  That is until his world at the Sanctuary begins to unravel, starting with the betrayal of his handmaiden, Karri.  He has no one to trust, not even the woman that Drenna has sent to him.  

Daenaira knows all about slavery.  So when she is sent to Sanctuary to be Magnus' handmaiden, she believes she's leaving one captivity for another.  Still, she cannot deny that being the right hand of one of the most powerful men in 'Dweller culture is all bad.  Especially Magnus, who draws her closer even as she tries to keep her distance.  Neither one can trust but they're are going to be forced to work together to keep Sanctuary, and the Chancellery, from falling down around them.

Okay, you may be asking yourself, 'Rapture?  Doesn't that come out June 30th?'

THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES!  I got an ARC from Jacki herself.  I had to stalk her, hunt her down like a lion awaiting a lame gazelle.  I got her and her LAST ARC!  I just about screamed in her ear but I think she loves me anyway.  Even if she doesn't, I got the book.

And it was good.  Can I just tell you that the 'Dwellers are freaks!  Way more sensual and sexual than the Mightwalkers.  Seriously, I want to be one just for the sex lessons.  I mean, I'm good but I can always get better.

Anyways, Magnus and Daenaira are smoking!  They are a great H/H combination, striking off each others' strengths and weaknesses.  Daenaira is a kick-ass bitch, literally and Magnus knows she can be his best, and most powerful, weapon as well as his greatest weakness.

All in all, a very satisfying read.  Very different tone from her Nightwalkers series but still with the lush prose and great action. 

RATING:  RUN BITCHES!!!! (When it comes out!)

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