Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forever Part 4

Okay, so I'm not finished.  I have this tendency to talk too much and that comes out in my writing.  But don't worry.  There will be a new installment of the blogvella on Friday (and Saturday if necessary).

The winner of the book giveaway this week is...CARI QUINN!  Send me your info and I will get that to you.

And now...

Audrey watched they play of emotions across Ben’s face with amusement and more than a little apprehension.  Surprise.  Confusion.  Intrigue.

Intrigue she could take.  Intrigue she liked.  At least she could be relatively certain that he wasn’t going to toss her out in this get up.  That was a conversation that she wouldn’t relish having with her mother.

She breathed in deep through her nose to calm her thundering pulse.

“Well?” she asked.  

“You certainly have been busy.”

“I wanted tonight to be special.  Different.  Something that we would always remember.”  In more ways than one.

He walked over to the bed.  She felt her heart catch with each step.  

“You want to handcuff me to the bed.”  It wasn’t a question.

She licked her lips.  She watched as his pupils dilated and his eyes tracked the movement.



“Why not?”

He circled around the bed.  She stood frozen as he moved towards the nightstand.  She knew what he was going to find there.  She could tell the instant that he laid eyes on what was hidden there.  His blue eyes widened and his mouth took on a wicked grin.

“What do we have here?”

He held up the bottle of lube and the tiny vibrator that was obviously designed for anal sex.  She fought against the blush that threatened to explode all over her face.  It was a losing battle.  

She wondered what he was going to say to the dildo and strap on that were tucked away in the closet for another night.

She tried to bluff her way out of it.  She laid the crop and the handcuffs on the bed.  She cocked her hip and laid a fist on it.  

“Just a few props.” 

He shook his head as though bemused.  “My darling Audrey.  Flower shop owner and closet freak.”

“Only with you.”

And it was true.  Before Ben had come into her life, sex had been rather...vanilla.  He was the one to open up new possibilities.  He’d shown her that sex could run the gamut from playful to intense, fast to torturously slow.  With him, everything they did seemed right.  Perfect.

She had no idea when she met him that she would eventually be the one asking, begging, for anal sex.  She would have sworn up and down that her ass had a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign tattooed across it.

Before Ben.

She glided over to him, making sure that her hips moved in just the right way to entice him.  He said nothing.  He reached behind him and placed the vibrator and lube on the nightstand, never taking his eyes off of her.

She loved the way he looked at her.  He watched her as though she held the entire world in her hands.  Or maybe just his heart, she hoped.  He always managed to make her feel sexy, more comfortable in her own body.  She knew she could drive him to the brink of mad lust and over.  He had the same power over her.

She stopped when she was in front of him and no more than a few scant inches separated them.  She held his gaze, hoping to tell him with her eyes everything that she wanted to say with her mouth.  Her teeth.  Her tongue.  And any other appendage she could think of.

Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, she cut away.  

She slid her arms around his neck.  The movement caused her breasts to finally break free of their confines.  She hissed at the sensation of her ultra sensitive nipples against the cotton fabric of his shirt.  His arms snaked around her waist and he pulled her closer.

“Ben, will you do this for me?”  She placed small, suckling kisses across his jaw, the added height of the heels making it possible to reach him.  She shivered at the feel of the rough stubble on her tongue and lips.

His hand tightened around her waist.  “What do I get in return?”

She grabbed a handful of his thick hair and pulled his head down until she could whisper in his ear.  “The most incredible fuck of your life.”

She heard his swift, indrawn breath.  He enjoyed it when she used vulgar language, something she didn’t do very often.  She felt his cock jerk against her stomach.  He pulled back.  His smile was pure wicked perfection.  She felt her own body respond with an explosion of goosebumps, even tighter nipples and a rush of wet heat to her pussy.

He smiled, showing off dazzling white teeth that were just slightly crooked.  

“Every time I’m with you, it’s the best fuck of my life.”

She felt her heart melt.  This was why she loved this man.  Why she wanted to marry him.  How she was certain that if he ever left her, it would be as though her life had ended.

“I love you.”  She said, choking the words past the sudden lump in her throat.

“I love you.”  He responded before capturing her lips.

She mouth at the first touch of his mouth.  He didn’t bother with preliminaries.  His tongue thrust hard and deep.  She closed her lips around it and sucked it the way she knew he liked.  She felt him shudder.

Their tongues mated in a fierce battle, each one striving to achieve dominance.  It was a game that they both played well.  Her clit swelled up and rubbed against the fabric of her thong, causing ripples of pleasure to race across her body.  

His hands left her waist and traveled up her sides until they cupped her breasts.  She shuddered and moaned into his mouth.  He responded by grasping her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, rolling them gently.

Her hands tightened in his hair and pulled his head back.  Molten blue eyes seared her and she felt the answering heat of lust and love settled over her.  

They were both panting.  

“Will you do it?  For me?”  She asked when she could breathe again.

“You know there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you.”

She released him.  Her legs wobbled but she quickly locked her knees.  She forced herself to walk away until she was once more at the foot of the bed.  She felt the hot weight of his gaze with every step she took and she struggled not to throw out the plan and let him rm his thick cock into her until they were both sweaty and exhausted.  

She scooped up the handcuffs and the riding crop.  She sucked in a deep breath in through her nose before turning to face him.  

“Take off your clothes and lie on the bed.  Spread eagle.”  She purposely made her voice deeper, stronger, injecting some force.

He didn’t say anything.  He only raised one eyebrow at her demand.  But his hands did grasp the bottom edge of his t-shirt and pulled it above his head in one short jerk.

Damn!  The man was built like a tank with his hard, flat abs and defined pecs.  A thin layer of hair covered his chest before thinning out as it veed towards the waistband of his jeans.

His smiled was crooked as he placed his hands over the button of his fly.  He hesitated before looking over at her with a raised eyebrow.  She managed to give him what she hoped was a haughty dominatrix stare in return.

The sound of the zipper releasing was like a cannon exploding in the room.  She licked her lips as she waited for the good part.  She almost groaned when he stooped.  She was tempted to demand that he show her his cock but he was playing with her and she knew it so she kept silent.

He lifted his shoulders a millimeter before bending over to take off his shoes.  The position gave her a good view of his back.  It was almost as good as the front.


After taking his sweet time with his shoes, he finally stood again.

“Continue,” her voice sounded as though she had been gargling nails.  Desire left a tight ball in the middle of her throat.

He slid his fingers into the loops on his waistband and after a few short tugs, he was free of them.

Ben rarely wore underwear so there was nothing to hide

All the air rushed from her lungs in one 

The man was pretty.  There was no other way to describe him and no where did that gorgeousness show itself better than in his cock.

It was a work of art.  It rose, thick and proud, from a thatch of curly blonde hair.  The head was the size and color of a plum.  The vein that ran along the underside pulsed with readiness.

Her hands itched to curl around it, to pump it.  Her womb jumped at the sight.  She balled her fists to stem the sensation.  She jerked her eyes to his face.  He was smirking as though he could read her mind.

“Lie down on the bed.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  He gave her a mock salute.

Her lips twitched.  This was going to be so much fun.

She waited until he was situated in the middle of the bed before she moved over to the side.  She had to climb onto the mattress and kneel in order to reach for his arm.  He gave it over willingly, still with that bemused smile. 


She bent over him to secure his wrist to the headboard.  She made sure that her nipple grazed his lips.  She shivered at the feel of the warm air lips crossing her distended flesh.  She wanted to push herself into his mouth, to have his hot, moist mouth surround her, driving her to the brink.

He didn’t take that bait.  She was disappointed but she had another opportunity when she needed to bend across him to reach his other wrist.  Again, he didn’t bite.  She didn’t know whether to be pleased or pissed.

She sat back on her heels to admire her handiwork.  The sight of her man, silver handcuffs shining on his wrist was the most erotic sight she’d ever seen.  He was like an ancient pagan offering to the gods.  The candlelight gleamed on his bronzed skins, casting interesting shadows.  He watched her from beneath hooded lids.  She didn’t need to look into his eyes to see the lust and love there.  This was the ultimate statement of his trust in her.  

“You’re mine.”  She said.

And, oh, did she have plans for him.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Forever Part 3

Okay, I'm a slacker bitch.  But to make up for it, I'm bringing you another super-sized installment.

And, I haven't forgotten the prize.  A book a week.  The winner this week is...MISS PRISS!  So Priss, e-mail me your information at monicakay at gmail do com.  I will get your prize out ASAP.

Now without any more jibber jabber...

Ben vaguely felt the pieces of mail slip from his hands as he struggled to breathe.  He tried to swallow past the suddenly lump in his throat but the was no moisture left in his mouth.  His cock sprang to life, hardening and throbbing between his legs, refusing to be ignored. 

Damn!  She looked good.  Of course, he’d always believed that she was hot as hell.  From the first morning he’d walked into her flower shop to buy some lillies for his mother’s birthday to just this morning when he had left her, still warm and satisfied from their lovemaking to go to work, she took his breath away.

Still, those times paled in comparison to what he was feeling now.  He allowed his eyes to roam over her.  He started at the top of her head.  She was wearing it the way he loved best, a wild mane of curls that begged for him to lose his fingers in it.  She’d done something to her lips that made them seem fuller, softer, more luscious.  They seemed to be begging to be kissed.  He ran his tongue over his own lips in response to the tingling that had started there.  His eyes trailed down her neck until they reached her cleavage.   

The red leather bustier caused her cocoa skin to glow and pushed her beautiful breasts up and out as though offering themselves to him.  

Was that the edge of her nipple? He wondered.  

Fuck!  It was.

His palms itched to take her into his hands, to fill them with her soft, warm flesh.  He loved her nipples.  He could, and would, spend inordinate amounts of time sucking them, pinching them, nipping at them, until she was writhing beneath him.  God, they were among the sexiest things he’d ever seen.  She knew that.  He told her often enough.  It was probably the reason she had chosen such a low cut bodice.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  If he didn’t stop, he was liable to come in his pants from just imagining the taste of her.  He had it it bad.  

When he opened them again, he used them to continue to skim down her body.  The fabric nipped her in at the waist, giving her even more of an hourglass figure than normal.  His gaze drank in the sight of her legs encased in fishnets held up by more black leather.  Her panties, if you could even call them that, were miniscule at best and did nothing to hide to glistening folds of her pussy.  He saw the moisture from where he stood.  The scent of aroused female permeated the air.  His nostrils flared as he took it in.  

Knee-high black boots completed the ensemble.  

He trembled.  

Everything about the outfit screamed, ‘Fuck me’ and that was exactly what he intended to do.  He just hoped that would make it to the bed in time.  But really, any flat surface would do.

His dick hardened painfully until it strained against the metal of his zipper.  He hissed at the uncomfortable sensation.

“So, I take it you like what you see?”  A teasing smile twitched her lips.

“And I take it that you’re trying to give me a heart attack.”

She moved away from the doorway of the bedroom and walked to him.  Her hips rolled with every step she took and her breasts jiggled just enough for her nipples and his eyes to play peek-a-boo.  Her sherry-colored eyes were raging with hunger.  A hunger he was sure was reflected in his own gaze.  

His cock throbbed and he felt a drop of pre-cum coat the tip.  He needed to get these jeans off and fast.

She stopped just outside the reach of his arms and he resisted the urge to growl.  He wanted to snatch her up and drag her into the nearest dark space, caveman style.

“Oh, no, baby.  I have plans for you tonight.  I need you completely healthy.”

He liked the sound of that.  He had some ideas of his own.

“You look amazing.”

Her lashes came down to cover gaze.  “Do you think so?”

“Completely fuckable,” he said because he knew how much his talking dirty turned her on.  He remembered the first time he’d used it in bed.  Her pussy had clenched so tightly around his dick, he’d almost come from that alone.

This time was no different.  He saw the pulse at the base of her neck jump, the instinctive swallow, and the hitch in her breathing.

“That’s good.  Because fucking was just what I had in mind.”

That was the last straw.  He reached for her but she danced out of his way.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she chided, wagging her finger at her.  “No touching.  Not until I say so.”

He raised an eyebrow.  Well, well, well.  This was new.  He was intrigued despite the fact that his dick was urging him to ignore her words and throw her over his shoulder.  Another, more reasonable, part of him wanted to wait to see how this played itself out.  He considered himself a sexual dominant.  It was something that he accepted and enjoyed.  It was something that both he and Audrey liked.

The idea of giving her control, or at least the illusion of control, was heady. 

He allowed his hands to drop to his side.

He watched the flare of satisfaction, followed by one of uncertainty flash through her eyes.  She licked her lips.  The growl rumbled deep in his throat.

“Are you hungry?”

His dick twitched.  “Starving,” he rumbled.

She cocked her food.  “But not for food.”

“I don’t know.  I consider your sweet little cunt a tasty enough dessert.”

“I need to turn off the stove.”

She turned away.  This time he did groan aloud.  The thong disappeared through the cheeks of her ass.  He wanted to bite each one. 

She tossed him a flirtatious smile over her shoulder.

He trailed behind her and watched as she turned off the stove.  She surprised him when she bent over to open the oven and check on the food.  The position allowed him a full view of her cunt.  

He sucked in a breath.

“I want to fuck you.  Right here.  Just like that.  With you bent over, showing me that hot, tight pussy.”

She straightened up.  She was breathing heavy.  Her eyes were languorous and she gazed up at him through her lashes. 

“Maybe later.  I have plans for you.  Special plans.”

“Then we better get started because if I’m not inside of you soon then I can’t be responsible for my actions.”

She glided to him and held out her hand.  “Let’s get started.”

He grabbed onto her and used it to jerk her to him.  She gasped and it gave him all the opening he needed.  He crushed his mouth to her, thrusting his tongue deep into her until it tangled with hers.

He groaned into her.  She tasted sweet, like cinnamon and chocolate, his two favorite flavors.  He devoured her mouth, eating at her lips and tongue.  He used hips teeth, his tongue, anything he could to get the taste of her in his mouth, on his skin, anywhere he could.  He wanted to be as close to her as possible.

He held her to him so that he could grind his erection against the softness of her stomach, seeking some relief.  He ran his hands over the supple leather that covered her back.  But that wasn’t enough.  He needed to have her flash in his hands.  He let his hands wander further until they reached her bottom.  He caught her cheeks in his hands and used them to lift her higher until his raging hard on was aligned with the junction of her thighs.

They both groaned at the contact.  

It took a few seconds to realize that her hands were on his shoulders only they weren’t pulling him closer, they were pushing him away.  He ended the kiss.  Reluctantly.

“Bedroom,” she gasped when she could get some air.

“Here,” he countered and bent to kiss her again.  She placed a hand over his heart.  

He paused.

“Please.”  He looked down at her.  Her eyes echoed the plea in her voice.

He tightened his grip on her bottom and closed his eyes to try to regain some composure.


He released her.

“Thank you,” she said softly. 

She reached for his hands, entwining their fingers.  This time he allowed her to lead him to the bedroom.

He stepped inside and it was like stepping inside an erotic fantasy.  Candle lit every corner of the room.  Their muted glow reflected on the black satin sheets on the bed.  The duvet had been turned down and rose petals covered the entire bed.

He wasn’t aware that she had dropped his hand until she was standing in front of the bed.  Her back was to him so he couldn’t see what she was doing until she turned back to him. 

He hissed when he got a good look at her. 

In one hand she held a riding crop.  A pair of handcuffs dangled from the fingers of her other hand.

She watched him with a guarded gaze.  



Decisions, decisions.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Here we go...

When good girl accountant Katie Kramer found herself the only survivor of a horrific crash, she decided that life was too short and that she wanted to leave her old, staid, and quiet life behind and go off in search of adventure.  Which was how she ended high in the Sierra Nevadas working as an office manager for Wilder Explorations.  It did not, however, explain how she ended up in the bed of Cameron Wilder.  But maybe it explains why she wants to stay there.

After a knee injury ended his career as a professional snowboarder, Cameron Wilder decides to run away.  A year later, he is surprised to come home to find a sleepy, sexy Katie curled up in his bed.  And that he doesn't want to throw her out.  Instead, he finds himself admiring her.  They both have been through trauma, only unlike Cameron, Katie is embracing life.  But can a man who's spent his life hiding really stop long enough to allow himself to be found?

I really enjoyed this book.  Katie is perky without being annoying.  Cameron is wounded without being too 'Mr. Rochester-ish.'  (Which as you know, I don't mind but he would have been too dark and brooding for little Katie.)  This is a great example of a straight up contemporary novel in all of its glory.  Boy meet Girl.  Boys has issues.  Girl has issues.  They fall in love but the issues raise their ugly heads and must be resolved before the Happily Ever After.  

I've said this before but it bears repeating.  Jill Shalvis is one of my literary heroes.  I love her books.  They're fun and sassy and I love her voice.  If I could be a cross between her and Lora Leigh, I would be in heaven.


A war is brewing between humanity and gods who want to bring it to its knees.  Only one man can stop them and it's Delphine's, an Oneroi, a Dream-Hunter and protector of the human race, mission to find him.  It's just too bad that the baddies got to Jericho, aka Cratus, before she could.  

Jericho has wanted revenge against Zeus and his pantheon since he was banished and cursed from Olympus for saving the life a child.  No one, not even a naked Delphine served up on a silver platter, is going to stop that.  But when the gods, Noir and Azura, betray him, he has no choice but to join forces with Delphine and, by extension, Zeus, to stop them.  With Delphine by his side.

I will tell you all this.  This is not a book to start your Sherilynn Kenyon experience with.  This book is so full of subtext and backstory that even I had a hard time following because there were two novellas that I missed.

Even so, I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of her books.  Delphine and Jericho sizzle off the page.  I enjoy a brooding hero and Sherrilyn Kenyon gives you that in Spades.  (Although, if you want tortured heroes, read Zarek, Valerius, or Acheron's stories.)  Delphine is a good balance to him.  My only issue is that there was so much backstory that I wish there could have been more time to develop the relationship.  It seemed somewhat rushed. 

Again, there was A LOT going on.


Until next week...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As Promised...

My Valentine's Day Novella (Parts 1 and 2)

(Tentatively titled 'Forever' but that may change if I think it sux.)

Audrey Hastings glanced anxiously at the clock as she bent over the open oven to check on the pot roast that cooked inside.  She had forty-five minutes before Ben was scheduled to be home.  More than enough time to finish getting ready.  She closed the door with a snap and laid a hand on her jittery stomach.  The grumbling there had nothing to do with the luscious smell of pot roast, rosemary roasted potatoes, or the grilled asparagus (Ben’s favorite meal).  No, the thing making her tummy flutter was anticipation of what was to come tonight. 

Valentine’s Day.  The night she was going to ask Ben to marry her.

It made perfect sense, she thought as she padded her way across the living room and down the hall towards their bedroom.  They’d been dating for two years.  Living together for one.  She loved him.  He loved her.  He told her so every night as they lay exhausted yet satisfied from lovemaking.  He would pull her tight to his chest and whisper those three little words directly into her ear.  Even after all this time, the emotion packed into that phrase brought tears to her eyes. 

Even her mother, who usually hated all of Audrey’s boyfriends but loved Ben (sometimes more than Audrey), had told her that this was a bad idea.

She tsked.  The last time she’d listened to her mother, she was fifteen years old.  Besides, she knew Ben.  He liked aggressive women.  Now, what he saw in her, she didn’t know.  She just knew that she was grateful for it and wanted him.  Forever.  

“And I’m not getting any younger, damn it!” she said aloud as she jerked off her robe and flung it on the four poster California king bed that dominated the space.  She was turning thirty in six months.  If she wasn’t going to be married, then she at least she wanted at least the possibility that it was going to happen sometime in the future.  

As much as she loved Ben, this waiting, the anxiety ‘IS he going to ask me?’ ‘IS tonight the night’, was too much.  It was like being at the airport, on the plane, strapped in and ready to go, watching all of the other planes around you take off for their final destination.  Meanwhile, there you are, stuck on the tarmac with a stalled engine.   

That was going to change tonight.  

One way or…

The thought sent a shiver down her spine and she wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing her palms along from her shoulder to her elbow. Somehow, when she made the decision and all through the planning and scheming for tonight, she hadn’t anticipated the cold, slimy feeling of dread that coated her stomach lining.  

What if he said no?  What was she going to do then?

 Nope.  She shook her head as though to clear it.  She wasn’t going to think like that.  She wasn’t going to allow for anything but wonderful possibilities to enter her mind today.

She slowly became aware that she was standing, naked and shivering at the foot of the bed, her body fresh and lusciously perfumed from her bath and the lotion she’d slathered on to ensure its silky texture.

She walked over to the bed to where she had laid out her outfit for tonight.  She nibbled at the corner of her mouth as she contemplated the ensemble.  The woman at the lingerie store had sworn to her that the outfit was sure to drive him crazy.  

It should, she thought with consternation.  It certainly was rolling her over the brink.  It had taken three hours of sweating, grunting, and more than a few ‘fucks’ to get it one by herself.  And another two tries before she could get rid of the ‘fucks’.

She took a deep breath and picked up the supple black leather.  Already her nipples were tingling and her clit was engorging with blood as she imagined the look on his face when he got a load of her.  She giggled.  She would be lucky if he allowed her out of the living room before he bent her over the nearest flat surface and shoved his cock into her tight pussy.  She clenched her fingers and bit her lips as her stomach fluttered again. 

She took a deep breath to try to cool her overheated face and body.  At this rate, she’d be done and smoking a cigarette before he even got home.  She tossed the leather back onto the comforter and picked up the garter belt and fishnet stockings.  She moved over to sit at the vanity table on the side of the bed.

Her skin pebbled, both with cold and anticipation, as she rolled one stocking up her leg.  She knew that Ben loved her in fishnets.

She was about to hook the last tooth into its eye when she heard a low grumbling coming from outside.  Her fingers froze and her heart started to pound.  Ben was home.  Once you heard it, you never forgot the sound of a well-oiled Harley.  

She forced her suddenly numb fingers to finish the task of fastening her bodice.  When she was done, she turned to look at herself in the mirror.  When she did, she had to stop herself from checking behind herself to make sure that no one was behind her.  She didn’t recognize herself.  The woman standing in the mirror looked like every dominatrix fantasy come to life.

The leather bustier she wore clenched in her waist and forced her already generous breasts into high mounds that almost touched her chin.  She sucked in a deep breath and saw the bodice lower until the outer rims of her aureolas showed.  The matching leather garter belt framed her ass and newly shaven pussy nicely, she thought as she did a little pirouette.  She was wearing panties.  Barely.  They were a crotchless lace design with no more substance than wet paper.

The whip and the handcuffs lay in the middle of the bed that was now strewn with rose petals.  She was saving them for later.

She listened as his key scratched in the door.  She clenched her thighs against the rush of moist heat that flooded her pussy as she envisioned the expression on his face when he got a good look at the ensemble.  ‘Come in his pants’ was the phrase she had used with the saleslady where she’d purchased the outfit.  It

“Babe?  I’m home.  Damn!  What smells so good?”  Ben’s low, rumbly voice, so much reminiscent of the Harley’s that he drove and restored, echoed across the living room.

She took one last breath, pushing her breasts impossibly outward and walked, a little unsteadily in the four-inch stilettos, to the bedroom door.

His back was to her as he seemed to be browsing through the mail.  She was glad.  It gave her a chance to study him.  And his truly excellent ass, which was now cupped in a pair of dark denim jeans.  She mouth dried and her hands itched to take the two oh-so-luscious globes in her hands and bite it.

Her mouth quirked as she contemplated him.  If someone had told her two years ago that she would end up in love with a hot as hell grease monkey, she would have laughed in their faces.  But that was before Ben.  

They were as different as night and day, even discounting the fact that she was Black and he was white.  She owned a flower shop.  He had a garage that built and serviced Harley-Davidsons.  He was cut like he was carved from stone and let’s face it, she could stand to lose a few pounds.  He was six-foot-five and if she lied, she could say that she cleared five-foot-six.  He worked out every day.  She considered the trek up the two flights of steps to their apartment all the exercise God intended her to have.  He was tatted from his neck to his feet.  She fainted at the sight of needles.

But somehow, some way, from the first day he’d come into the shop, they’d clicked.  And when they’d finally made love?  WHEW!  She could have sworn that it was impossible to die from pleasure until that night but he had come close to killing her. 

Death by Orgasm. 

His hair was getting a tad long, she thought as she saw his sandy brown touch the collar of the fitting black t-shirt he wore.  She bit her lips as she gazed at the thick, bulging biceps that seemed too large for the fabric.  She loved the feel of them around her as he held her to his chest.  No one had ever made her feel more safe.  He was everything she’d ever wanted and nothing like she had ever expected.  He was hers and she planned on keeping him.

“Hey, baby.  You ready for dinner?” she asked using her best Eartha Kitt impersonation.

“Ready--”  Whatever he had been about to say stuck in his throat as he turned to look at her.  

Her smile widened as she watched his coral blue eyes grow top the size of half dollars.  She peeked down and saw that his dick was straining against his zipper.  She’d be surprised if she didn’t find the imprint of it on his shaft.  And she did have some plans for that long, beautiful, thick cock, she thought with a shiver as her sensitive nipples rubbed against the silky lining of the leather bustier.

“Holy fucking Christ.”  He breathed.

It was almost too easy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well folks, as you already know, there was no installment of my new novella and there won't be a Sunday Book Blog this week.

The reason?  I've had strep throat and have felt like dog shit all week.  I get strep at least once a year.  And it doesn't help that I work with kids.  Did you know that you can be a carrier of strep?  NO, really.  It never leaves your body and just shows its happy ass up every once in a while to make your life shit.  I think that's what I have.  As I told the Vixens, it sucks great big hairy donkey balls. 

So, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing.  Just sleeping and getting fluids into the body.  But I do promise that I will have a supersized helping of the novella on Wednesday and another book blog next week.

Again, SORRY!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday (Monday) Book Blog

I swear that I would have had this out to you yesterday if it wasn't for one tiny thing...


Okay, can I just tell all of you how much I fucking love football?!?!  I am a self-procliamed 'Football Freak.'   Now you might be telling yourself, 'Oh, she's a Broncos fan' and to you I say, 'Fuck the Broncos!  COWBOYS, baby!!!!'

Yes, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan although on occasion, I can be persuaded to root for the Patriots or the Colts.  But never Denver.  It's a good thing that I'm anonymous becuase that comment alone would get my ass kicked here.  

Now onto the books...

Fifteen years ago, Ellis Greene was the only witness to her cousin's brutal  abduction.  Hers was the testimony that put the man she believed responsible in jail and made her a target for his revenge.  Since that night, Ellis has lived in a self-made cocoon of safety, never leaving the safety of her South Carolina home.  She thinks everything is behind her until the man responsible for her cousin Laura's death is given parole. 

Fifteen years ago, everyone believed that Laura's boyfriend Nate was responsible for her kidnapping and beating.  Until Ellis' testimony absolved him.  At least in the eyes of the law.  Unable to bear the scrutiny, Nate leaves town.  He comes back fifteen years later, full of secrets and surrounded by danger but he's the only person that Ellis trusts.  But with a killer with an eye for revenger after her, can she afford to trust a man she doesn't really know but can't keep away from?

This was my first book by Ms. Crandall and I have to say that I enjoyed it.  It was suspenseful with a crazy twist at the end.  Ellis and Nate spark off each other from the beginning and have sustained chemistry.  It is a very well-written romantic suspense.  

But you know me, I would have liked to have read more sex.  It's my problem.


When Molly Jenkins moves back to her small Colorado mountain town, it's with a secret.  That she's an author.  Not only an author but that she writes erotica.  Really well.

It's a secret that has been driving Sheriff Ben Lawson crazy for years.  Is she a prostitute?  A phone sex operator?  A drug mole?  He knows that he should stay away from her but the harder he tries to fight her the, er, harder he gets.  Soon enough, they're jumping into bed, or a truck, whatever, every opportunity that they get.  

But for Molly, the thing with Ben is a fling at most.  She knows how scandal has ripped apart his family in the past and she knows that her career will send Ben right back into the fire. 

Okay, I have to say it.  


There!  It reminded me about everything I loved and still love about good old contemporary romance.  There were no explosions, no kinapping, no crazed murderer on the loose.  There was a bit of creepy stalking but, hey, every book has got to have some conflict.

Ben and Molly practically sizzle off the page.  They had me fanning my face so much I had to check and make sure that I was reading an HQN and NOT a Brava.  Dahl's writing is fresh and witty, modern and funny.  It's everything that I want my writing to be when I grow up.

Plus, it didn't hurt that there was a bit of dirty talk in there.  I'm a sucker for some dirty talk.

RATING: RUN!!!!!!! 

Until next week...