Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday (Monday) Book Blog

I swear that I would have had this out to you yesterday if it wasn't for one tiny thing...


Okay, can I just tell all of you how much I fucking love football?!?!  I am a self-procliamed 'Football Freak.'   Now you might be telling yourself, 'Oh, she's a Broncos fan' and to you I say, 'Fuck the Broncos!  COWBOYS, baby!!!!'

Yes, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan although on occasion, I can be persuaded to root for the Patriots or the Colts.  But never Denver.  It's a good thing that I'm anonymous becuase that comment alone would get my ass kicked here.  

Now onto the books...

Fifteen years ago, Ellis Greene was the only witness to her cousin's brutal  abduction.  Hers was the testimony that put the man she believed responsible in jail and made her a target for his revenge.  Since that night, Ellis has lived in a self-made cocoon of safety, never leaving the safety of her South Carolina home.  She thinks everything is behind her until the man responsible for her cousin Laura's death is given parole. 

Fifteen years ago, everyone believed that Laura's boyfriend Nate was responsible for her kidnapping and beating.  Until Ellis' testimony absolved him.  At least in the eyes of the law.  Unable to bear the scrutiny, Nate leaves town.  He comes back fifteen years later, full of secrets and surrounded by danger but he's the only person that Ellis trusts.  But with a killer with an eye for revenger after her, can she afford to trust a man she doesn't really know but can't keep away from?

This was my first book by Ms. Crandall and I have to say that I enjoyed it.  It was suspenseful with a crazy twist at the end.  Ellis and Nate spark off each other from the beginning and have sustained chemistry.  It is a very well-written romantic suspense.  

But you know me, I would have liked to have read more sex.  It's my problem.


When Molly Jenkins moves back to her small Colorado mountain town, it's with a secret.  That she's an author.  Not only an author but that she writes erotica.  Really well.

It's a secret that has been driving Sheriff Ben Lawson crazy for years.  Is she a prostitute?  A phone sex operator?  A drug mole?  He knows that he should stay away from her but the harder he tries to fight her the, er, harder he gets.  Soon enough, they're jumping into bed, or a truck, whatever, every opportunity that they get.  

But for Molly, the thing with Ben is a fling at most.  She knows how scandal has ripped apart his family in the past and she knows that her career will send Ben right back into the fire. 

Okay, I have to say it.  


There!  It reminded me about everything I loved and still love about good old contemporary romance.  There were no explosions, no kinapping, no crazed murderer on the loose.  There was a bit of creepy stalking but, hey, every book has got to have some conflict.

Ben and Molly practically sizzle off the page.  They had me fanning my face so much I had to check and make sure that I was reading an HQN and NOT a Brava.  Dahl's writing is fresh and witty, modern and funny.  It's everything that I want my writing to be when I grow up.

Plus, it didn't hurt that there was a bit of dirty talk in there.  I'm a sucker for some dirty talk.

RATING: RUN!!!!!!! 

Until next week...



Tricia Leigh Wood said...

Clive Owen is so HOT...

I loved him in King Arthur. Nothing turns me on more than a man with a sword in his hand. To bad the men today don't carry them around.

He's almost a hot as the sinful delight I posted on Sunday. You need to check him out.

See you Thursday.

Helen Hardt said...

Well, he's no Gerard, but a close second, LOL. Clive and Gerard sandwich anyone?


Viola Estrella said...

Hello, Clive, how are you today?

I think I have a couple Victoria Dahl books sitting on my bookshelf. Sounds like I need to read them!