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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Hello!  It's been a while but things are finally settled down and I can finally do my bloggy thing.  At least for the next two weeks and then I'm off to Costa Rica!  I know.  You can smack me.

Edmund Fitz Clare  has loved Estelle Berenger for years but has kept away from her because he has a secret.  He's an upyr, a vampire.  But when her life in endangered, no force on earth can keep him from claiming her.  

Estelle has always loved Edmund but never dreamed that he could ever feel the same way.  He's the adoptive father of her closest friends' for heaven's sake!  Still, when it finally seems as of she's going to get all she's ever wanted, Edmund is taken from her and it falls on his family to find him.

Okay, I've never made any secret that I am an Emma Holly fangirl.  I love her and I love this series.  I especially love that the three books come out back to back.  As always, great characterization.  I love Edmund and Estelle together.  

Since this is Emma Holly, there is plenty of sex.  Although it's not as explicit as it can be.  This book is truly and erotic romance (maybe even romantic suspense) rather than the erotica that I've read of hers before.


Xia spent a lifetime as a slave to the mage Rasmus Keeler.  He hates all witches and the last thing he needs is to be saddled with Daddy's little girl, Alexandrine Marit.  Still, he has pledged his loyalty to Nikodemus and that includes protecting her from her homicidal father.  His job is to keep her alive...if he doesn't kill her first.

Alexandrine knows that as a witch, she's not much.  Her powers are sporadic at best.  So when she finds an amulet while on the hunt for her birth father, she never dreams that it would plunge her into a world of danger.  She doesn't trust Xia or Harsh, the brother she believed dead for years, but they must work together to bring down Keesler.

So, I think I reviewed the previous book, My Wicked Enemy a few months ago.  I enjoyed it.  I was peeved that when the H/H were making love, Ms. Jewel failed to describe his demonic body.  She does a little better in this book but still all I get  is a vague impression of blue skin and creepy eyes.

That being said, I believe that I enjoyed this book more.  Maybe because I had all the worldbuilding and she didn't spend too much time on backstory.  Xia was the killer from the first book and he's just as badass as he was back then.  Alexandrine is tough as nails and thankfully not TSTL.  They work well together.  They have great chemistry even if it starts out as a hate-hate relationship.  Nice sex scenes.  Good story.  Good read.


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