Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contest and Sex!

What could be a better combination?

I told you that I had a big announcement!  Well here it is.

For the ENTIRE month of February, I will be debuting a new erotic novella for the entire world.  (Seriously, it's so new I haven't even written it yet!)  I will be posting my story in four installments on the Whatever Wednesday blog.  

The contest you ask?

Thanks for the question.  Everyone who responds (if anyone responds) on my blog will be automatically entered the win a prize.  

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the next Wednesday's blog.

Simple?  I think so.  

I'm really excited about this story (it's in my head even if it's not on screen yet) and the contest is just hot fudge on Gerard Butler.  (YUMMY!)

So, see you next week!

And Tricia,  I'm not really sure what my fave werewolf story is.  I'm not sure I have one.  I don't read them that often and I like shifters rather than wolves, you know jaguars, cougars, etc.  But Sherrilyn Kenyon has a race of shifters and her book with Vane and Bride, 'Night Play' is as good as any werewolf book you'll find.

Later gators!

Oh, and you thought I forgot!  

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you...


And did I find a naked pic?  YES I DID!!!!

But I decided not to post it.  I will, however, e-mail it upon request.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Well, look at me.  Delivering the book blog on time!  I deserve something for that.  Please send chocolate.  

Anyway, I know I promised you an announcement on my Whatever Wednesday blog but I got distracted my menages.  Hmmm...Colin and Gerard.  But never fear, my announcement will definitely come on Wednesday and involve a contest and sex.  Lots of sex!


And now onto the blog

Taite Gibson is not a woman to walk away from a fight but how does one fight both a stalker and a...werewolf?  By running.  That's exactly what she does right into the arms of reclusive horror author and werewolf expert Ryder Alexander.  The attraction between them burn high and hot from the moment they lay eyes on each other.  There's just one problem.  Taite may have escaped one wolf only to find herself in the arms of another.

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I really enjoyed this book.  Ryder was HOTT!!! Taite was a good match for him.  The chemistry felt real and right.  The sex was great and again, hot.  So it worked for me. 

Now, my problem?  The insta-love.  

Yes, you heard me right folks.  I am a romance writer who doesn't believe in love at first sight.  

I'm all for insta-sex.  In fact, I'm a big proponent of it.  Especially in erotic romance.  The more sex the sooner all the better.  But love?  That takes some time.  And excuse me, but three days is not enough time to accept that the man you love is a werewolf.  I'm not saying that you wouldn't come to that acceptance, but I'm saying that it's later rather than sooner.  Hell, women have a hard enough time trying not to scream at their mates for leaving the toilet seat up in the middle of the night.  

But a werewolf?  

I'm just saying. 


For two years, Kane Winter has been haunted by the mysterious death of his bounty hunting partner Duke.  And by the hauntingly beautiful woman who may or may not have been at the scene.  To find out the truth about his partner, he does his own investigating and in the process starts killing vampires.  When he finally meets the woman from his dreams, he finds she's the very thing that he's been hunting but that does little to deter his hunger for him.  Kendall is a Hunter, part of an elite paramilitary group of paranormal beings that hunt evil in the world.  The sparks fly between them and soon enough between the sheets.  The only problem is that they're being stalked by someone who won't stop until Kendall is dead.

I love Shiloh Walker.  I know she's really big in the e-pubs but I discovered her by reading her book 'The Missing' a few weeks ago.  (An aside: the book was an IR and I loved it but my problem was that although heroine was black, she was light enough to 'pass.'  Let the dark skinned ladies get their man!)

Sorry.  I guess that this book is part of a series but I didn't know and it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the book so don't worry about it. 

Anyway Kane and Kendall practically scorch off the pages and then there's the dirty talk.  I'm a sucker for a potty mouth in bed.  (Literally!)  The story is complicated but not overly so.  It's also written in parts which I felt was unnecessary.

My peeves?  One, it was never really explained what Kane was.  He was human but he had some kick-ass psychic powers.  Two, the epilogue.  Read the book, you'll get it.


Until next week!

Later Gators.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Menage a huh?

I've been thinking about this whole menage thing.  Personally, I've never been in a menage but I wouldn't mind being the meat in a Gerard Butler/Colin Farrell sandwich.  

Oh, sorry, I just had an orgasm.

Anyhoo, while the idea of being with two guys is appealing, I just can't imagine doing it (no pun intended) with the man I loved.  Who wants to share?  Seriously, I get homicidal if someone tries to steal my birthday, I'd go nuclear if they tried to take my man.  I mean, isn't that what love and commitment is all about?  Monogamy? (I think every single man in the world just got a shooting pain in their balls.)  Plus, I think that it would drive a woman to have a complex if her man wanted to share her with someone else.   Am I good enough?  Am I not enough?

I guess that's why menages are usually f/m/f.  The reason why is obvious for men.  They want a woman licking each of their balls.  And, deep down, I think most women are curious about what it would be like to be with another woman.  I know a lot of my friends have admitted to thinking women are sexy and attractive.  And 'lesbians' are in.  A lot women my age have at least made out with another chick.  Mostly, I think that the f/m/f is more of a guy's fantasy.  

Now, the m/f/m?  That's all chicks!  Seriously, to have two guys worshipping your body?  *shiver*  And if they decide to do things to each other?  Hell yeah!  That's why I like Lora Leigh.  She caters to women's fantasies.  (Although there is no man on man action in any of her stories.)

Still, menages are interesting in theory but I don't think they're that appealing in reality.  If you really love someone, you want them to be yours.  You don't want some other dude touching you and you sure as hell don't want some other chick all up on your man.  And fuck if you want your guy doing some other guy or worse, getting done by him.  AND fuck him if he wants to watch some other dude touching you.  That would be the worse for me.  

But I know that there are people that live this lifestyle.  More power to you, as my mama says.  I just don't think that I could be a part of it.

Now BDSM...  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday (Slacker) Book Blog

Okay, here's the deal.  These are tough times and I'm trying to simplify my life.  To that end,  I had to make the difficult decision to let go of my internet at home.  It's not that big of a deal because every frickin' where you go, they have wireless Wi-Fi.  Because of that, please anticipate that I may get behind in my blogging.

But here's my thought, I will be blogging on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Sundays will be the Sunday Book Blog, Wednesdays will be 'Whatever' Wednesdays where I talk (or blabber) about absolutely anything, and Fridays I want to be special so I'm trying to set up 'First Sale' Friday where guest bloggers will tell you my reader(s) about when they got 'The Call' and their road leading up to it plus any advice they may have for us languishing in Unpubbedlandia.  

OH and I have a special treat!!!!  But I'm not telling you now.  You have to wait until Whatever Wednesday to find out.  But  I promise you if you come back, you won't regret it.

Now onto the Book Blog

Two years ago, Chase Falladay saved Kia Stanton from being raped by her husband and another man.  Little did Kia know that her husband was a member of an ultraexclusive club where men shared their wives/girlfriends with other men...or that Chase was also a member.  Kia has always been fascinated by Chase and that attraction has not diminished as the years have worn on.  So when they run into each other one rainy night, they can't stop their attraction from spilling over.  

Chase has waited for years fro Kia to be ready for what he has to give her, to accept the lifestyle that he has chosen.  Once he's had her, he's not planning on letting her go.  He leads her deeper and deeper into his world of intense pleasure and menage a trois.  Unfortunately, someone else has their eye on Kia and he's not going to stop until she's dead.

Okay, a word about Lora Leigh.  I LOVE HER!!!!! 

Yes, that was three but she's worth every one.  She is one woman who knows how to do a threesome right.  She even managed to make a threesome involving twins (something that normally icks me out!) seem not only sexy but right.  That's a talent.  It's also a talent to make threesomes seem intimate and she does this with flying colors.  I'm reading another threesome book for a contest and I have to say the author doesn't come close to Lora.

Lora Leigh's love scenes are squirm in your seat sexy and if I had someone in my life right now, he would be extremely happy and buy me every single one of her books.  She is one of the few author who can truly put the romance into 'erotic romance.'  

I enjoyed Kia and Chase.  I also loved Khalid (their third) and I can't wait to read his story.  

If you haven't read Lora Leigh, RUN to the bookstore and pick her up.  You won't regret it.


Between Light and Dark by Elissa Wilds

Laurell Pitmann has no idea of her destiny until she is kidnapped by Axiom who claims that they are fated to mate and create a child who will be the Earth Balancer.  The Earth Balancer is the one force on earth who can keep the forces of evil in check.  Axiom knows all about balance.  He's a Gray Lighter, a creature born of light and dark 

Every once in a while I come across a new author and decide to give them a chance.  The back cover of this book read fabulous (the cover had something to be desired) so I picked it up.  

I have to say that I thought that the plot was interesting and inventive.  It's really difficult to come up with something new in paranormal.  Authors seem to be leaning toward angels and demons rather than vamps and weres.  This is sort of the same thing.  It was well written and I enjoyed it enough to finish the book.  However, for me, it lacked that 'oomph' that would send it into the awesome category. 

All in all, it was a good debut and I would pick up another of her books should I come across her name again.


Now, keeping with the tradition started over a Helen's Heroes and Colorado Vixens, I present to you...



In case you wanted to see his face...LOL





Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Hello and welcome to the first Sunday Book Blog of 2009!

So, I've got lots of fun and interesting things planned for my blog this year.  I'm still plotting and planning and I'll keep you all apprised as they come along.  But without further ado, I present the first Sunday Book Blog of 2009!  And they have the added bonus of being from two of my all-time favorite authors.

It was supposed to be a routine sneak and peek mission.  They were to find a killer named Eubanks and report back to Fallon Jones, head of Jones and Jones Investigations.  That was what they told him but Grace Renquist was not the mild-mannered librarian that Luther Malone expected.  Instead, she was sex in a neat and compact package.  His attraction to her is immediate and what's even better is that their psychic profiles seem to mesh together so well.  For her part, Grace doesn't think much of a 'bodyguard' that uses a cane and doesn't carry a gun (not that he was much of great shot in the first place). 

Unfortunately, what starts out as an innocent job turns deadly when the idyllic Hawaiian resort turns into a viper's nest filled with Nightshade agents.  There's that psychotic opera singer who moonlights as a trained assassin who wants to kill Grace.  

Okay, so this isn't the best description of the book but I don't have the inside flap with me so it'll have to do.  

I enjoyed this book but then again, I enjoy most of her books.  The Arcane Society books are a series that she writes both as Amanda Quick and Jayne Ann Krentz.  They're also similar to the flower books she wrote as Jayne Castle (I love those!).  Basically, I'm a Krentz/Quick/Castle bookslut.

I enjoyed these characters.  I thought that the plot seemed to veer off course.  I'm not really sure that the whole Eubanks thing was relevant but seemed liked a convenient plot device.  Plus, there was this one thing that Luther and Grace experienced that seemed like it was going somewhere but she left us dangling.  And I would have liked to have read some beefed up sex scenes but then again, I always do.  Still, there is something about her writing that I can't get enough of.  And there were only a couple places where the plot seemed thin but overall it was a very satisfying read.  Plus, Fallon seems like he's going to be getting his own book soon!

If you like JAK, you'll love this book.


Newspaper reporter Sophie Snow has been trying her whole life for the to get out from beneath the spectre of her modern-day Robin Hood father and after a lifetime of interrogations by every government agency with initials the last thing she needs is to get involved with an FBI agent.  Even if he were as incredibly sexy as Jack McAlister.  But when her father is suddenly thrust back into the news, several threats are made on her life, and her bra thwarts a bullet, she can't deny that she needs him.  If that weren't enough, her life becomes severely complicated when a man she interviews turns up in the wilds of Alaska eaten by a polar bear named Barry.

Sophie, being Sophie, can't give up on the reasons why a man with no apparent motive leaves a 5k race and ends up dead in Alaska.  So it's off to the wilds, Jack McAlister hot on her heels and in her bed.  She can't deny their attraction but neither can she forget who he is.   

Okay, I just love Julie Garwood.  I wish that she would continue writing her historicals.  Anyway, her romantic suspense books are awesome.  I love them all.  This one is no exception.  You may remember Sophie from The Murder List.  My only issue with her is that she seemed really naive.  Seriously, if someone is making threats on your life and then you get a mysterious phone call asking you to go to he window, would you do it?  Uh, no.  Plus, she's very trusting for someone who has lived under the scrutiny of every government agency in the U.S.  Still, this adds to her charm.

I liked Jack and Sophie.  They had great chemistry and hot sex.  Plus there was a really interesting story intertwined that could be farfetched but she made it work.


Until next week!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I for one, think that last year was infinitely productive for me.  I finished a book, I won NaNo, I received no less than three rejections of my short erotic novella.  All in all more productive than any year previous.

So, I thought that I would start this year off by introducing you to my writing process.  The problem is that I don't have one.  I am what they call in the publishing world, a pantster.  I don't plot.  I don't outline.  I go where my imagination and my characters take me.  Sometimes, most times, I'm surprised.  Mostly, I enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

So, this is what I have.  Two stories are vying for control in my head.  The first is a darker BDSM-type story.  I have the first page written.  The heroine's name is Alicia.  I don't know much about her other than she is a CPA and on the fast track to becoming partner in her accounting firm.  The hero, whom I haven't met yet, is named Lucas.  He is the owner of an ultra-exclusive BDSM that has just opened in Denver.  I know that he's dark and mysterious.  How he came to own and run this club?  No clue.  BUT I do know that someone is going to be systematically killing off females members of the club.  All of whom, incidentally, will have been Lucas' former lovers.  Is he a killer?  Alicia doesn't know but she knows that she is irresistibly drawn to him, danger or not.

This will be an IR.  It can't be anything else.  It's what I write.  This one will have more of a racial undertone than I normally like.  However, I fail to see how a successful Black woman could enter into a Master/Slave relationship with a white man and not have some, shall we say issues, with that.  

The other story I have in mind is sketchy at best.  The heroine, Aisha, is a shy librarian who meets the hero, Henri, one day when he proposes to take naked photographs of her while she lunches in the park.  Luckily for her, Henri is an artist who is the current Artist0In-Residence at the Denver Art Museum.  And now thanks to my lovely CP, Helen, I now have a face for my Henri.  Ironically enough, my Henri just happened to have the same name as this god.  Only my Henri has dark hair.  I'm not one for blondies.

Then there is still Randa, my angry pixie.  And Mel and Mick, the secondary characters in my story, Prey for Darkness.  I have lots of possibilities.  I'm just as interested as you to see what shakes out.

Stay tuned!