Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I for one, think that last year was infinitely productive for me.  I finished a book, I won NaNo, I received no less than three rejections of my short erotic novella.  All in all more productive than any year previous.

So, I thought that I would start this year off by introducing you to my writing process.  The problem is that I don't have one.  I am what they call in the publishing world, a pantster.  I don't plot.  I don't outline.  I go where my imagination and my characters take me.  Sometimes, most times, I'm surprised.  Mostly, I enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

So, this is what I have.  Two stories are vying for control in my head.  The first is a darker BDSM-type story.  I have the first page written.  The heroine's name is Alicia.  I don't know much about her other than she is a CPA and on the fast track to becoming partner in her accounting firm.  The hero, whom I haven't met yet, is named Lucas.  He is the owner of an ultra-exclusive BDSM that has just opened in Denver.  I know that he's dark and mysterious.  How he came to own and run this club?  No clue.  BUT I do know that someone is going to be systematically killing off females members of the club.  All of whom, incidentally, will have been Lucas' former lovers.  Is he a killer?  Alicia doesn't know but she knows that she is irresistibly drawn to him, danger or not.

This will be an IR.  It can't be anything else.  It's what I write.  This one will have more of a racial undertone than I normally like.  However, I fail to see how a successful Black woman could enter into a Master/Slave relationship with a white man and not have some, shall we say issues, with that.  

The other story I have in mind is sketchy at best.  The heroine, Aisha, is a shy librarian who meets the hero, Henri, one day when he proposes to take naked photographs of her while she lunches in the park.  Luckily for her, Henri is an artist who is the current Artist0In-Residence at the Denver Art Museum.  And now thanks to my lovely CP, Helen, I now have a face for my Henri.  Ironically enough, my Henri just happened to have the same name as this god.  Only my Henri has dark hair.  I'm not one for blondies.

Then there is still Randa, my angry pixie.  And Mel and Mick, the secondary characters in my story, Prey for Darkness.  I have lots of possibilities.  I'm just as interested as you to see what shakes out.

Stay tuned!

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Helen Hardt said...

Both your WIPs sound awesome! And Henri, oh baby....