Friday, May 28, 2010

Twitter: Like IM only public

Hello Readers!
As you may have noticed, I am suspiciously absent from my blog. Part of it is laziness and part of it is because I seem to spend every waking hour of the day on Twitter. (Follow me at MonicaKaye!)

I love Twitter. It's a great way to communicate and it's perfect for me because I always have random bits of shit in my mind that my mouth (or fingers) feels compelled to spit out. Twitter is quick, it's easy, and it's fun. When I write a blog, it takes WAY more of my time and thought process because I really want this blog to be entertaining. With my Tweets, if I'm funny 50% of the time, it works for me.

I also love that so many of my friends and author peeps are on Twitter. Writing is solitary and Twitter is a way to get that intstant gratification. I love watching people's conversations. Some should probably be kept private but the fact that they're available for all to see is both hilarious and odd. I mean the same thing could probably be accomplished with an IM program but where's the fun in that?

So if you're looking for more of me, your best best would be to follow me on Twitter. I'm there and it's like you're actually talking to me...but not.

And now, because I've so neglected you, here's something to make you pee your pants!

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