Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I know this is long overdue, but the sequel to Dirty Business, is finally here!

The Business of Pleasure picks up at Chloe and Sean's wedding. Drew Trotter has been fighting off his attraction to Carmen De La Cruz for months. She is everything he doesn't need in his life. He wants a woman with which to settle down and build a life. Carmen has "temporary" written all over her curvy body. Still, that doesn't stop them from giving into their mutual passion. Neither knew where this one night would lead them.

I love premises like this. Opposites attracting. Trying to fight something that you know is inevitable. Drew and Carmen are not who most people would pair together which is what made them all the more intriguing to me. He's all straight-laced New Englander. She's a feisty Dominicana who used to be a stripper. It was fun writing their back-and-forth. Carmen is one of my favorite characters. She makes me laugh and is sassy as hell. Drew was fun because it's always nice to write about man being blindsided by a woman.

That got me to thinking about those supposedly "bad decisions" we make. Choosing the wrong guy. Throwing caution to the wind and taking a chance on a relationship that seems doomed. Does it work out in real life? Do we regret it or smile a secret smile that communicates how much we enjoyed the ride?

So now it's contest time! I want to hear from you about that bad boy (or girl) you just couldn't stay away from. Was it a hot one night stand? Did it last past the morning after? Are you happily married to your "bad decision"?

Comment here and I will choose a winner on Friday. The winner will receive a copy of my first release, Dirty Business, and a $25 GC to Amazon.

Happy Commenting!


Kelly M said...

THANK GOD, I am not married to my bad decision.
Mine was a childhood friend I had grown up with. I know he was not a good guy to date, but I was lonely and needy and he was willing. So many bad things, so many to ever begin to tell you how wrong we were together.... But luckly it didn't last long, and I am now married to a wonderfully nice man..

thanks for a chance to win your book.
Kelly M

CrystalGB said...

Congrats on your new release. My husband is the bad boy I could not resist. He was wild, has lots of tatoos and was a rebel. After we got married, he settled down and is no longer the rebel he used to be.

Viola Estrella said...

Congrats, Monica!!!!

Monica Kaye said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

The winner of the contests is Kelly M! Congratulations! I will be emailing you soon.

Thanks again.

Kelly M said...

Thanks Monica!!!
Looking forward to reading Dirty Business!!!

Thanks again,
Kelly M