Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Book Blog and an Announcement

Okay, first an apology.  I know that I am a horrible blogging person but some days I just don't want to write.  Shocking I know!  This week has been one of those.  I'm forcing myself to write everyday.  Not always successfully.  I think a lot of it has to do with some things that are going on personally that I won't go into because either A) I'm delusional or 2) I'm in total denial and long for some escapism.  Either way, I'm sorry for the crazy not blogging in a week thing.

But now...


I am pleased to say that I am going to start hosting a new a FEATURE on my blog 


This is where authors will come in and do a guest blog for me about the first time they received a contract and all the hard work it took to get there.  I wanted some inspiration for us 'Soon To Be Published' peeps.  

I've got some great people lined up thus far and hope to have more soon.  I'll announce the line up tomorrow as soon as some things are finalized.

Until then...


Mackensie Elliot is more at home behind the camera than in real life.  Which is why when she 'meets' Carter Maguire again for the first time, her focus shatters.  Carter is everything men in her life haven't been, stable, reliable, sexy as hell and nothing she's ever wanted.   

Carter Maguire has had a crush on Mac since they were in high school but she never knew he existed.  So when they run into each other again, the attraction is instant.  Mac, despite running a wedding planning business with her three best friends, doesn't believe in love.  Carter is determined to prove her wrong.

Okay, I am an admitted Nora Roberts slut.  I read any and all of her work, even as JD Robb.  This book is a straight up and down contemporary romance.  The kind that I love.  The kind that she does oh-so-well.  She has such a snappy and witty way with dialogue and characterization.  I think she must spend hours just people watching and listening to conversations because she writes the way I (a twenty-something professional) would speak to my friends.  She has such a beat on the pulse of the characters she's writing.

And Carter is exactly the kind of Beta hero that I love but know I can never write.  He's Nerd Sexy.  I love those kinds of guys.  I can't write them but I love them.  My only things is the same thing it always is...sex.  I wish there were more but it's so wonderfully written that it's only a passing criticism.


Ajax Petrakos was promised a true love, Shayanna Angel.  He was not, however, told that he would have to wait over two millennium for her.  Just as he had given up hope, she comes to him.  Or rather screams to him as she being attacked by demons.

Shay has always seen demons and wants to fight them alongside her brothers, something they have forbidden.  When she meets Jax, she's not sure what to make of him.  Or her attraction for him.  Together, they must work together to solve an ancient prophesy, retrieve a priceless artifact, and kill a few demons in the meantime.  Oh, and falling in love doesn't help with any of that

This is the first book by Ms. Knight that I've read.  I got it free at RT and I have to say I enjoyed it.  I tried reading one of her earlier books but couldn't get into it.  I had no problem with it this time.  Maybe it was the mythology behind it.  Or maybe the fact that I've seen '300' about a million times and I kept imagining Gerard Butler as Leonidas.  Either way, it was a satisfying read.  Very 'Southern-style' paranormal most of which I understood because I was raised in Virginia for part of my formative years and I get the phrase 'No home training' and 'His mama didn't raise him right.'

There was something about the sex scenes that I found a little skewed but not enough for me to stop reading.  I won't tell you what, you'll just have to read the book and decide for yourself.


Until next time. 

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