Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Book Blog

Okay, seriously, let's just call a spade a spade.  I haven't written this blog on a Sunday since I first came up with the concept.  It should have an asterisk after the name.

Jake Bannaconni has survived a childhood of abuse but in order to do it, he has become a man as emotionless and as ruthless as the leopard that lives inside him.  When a shocking twist of fate brings Emma Reynolds into his life, he knows immediately that he has to be the one to possess her.

Emma is different from Jake in every way. Soft where he is hard.  Loving where he is cold.  She knows that he wants to control her life and she allows it.  She has her reasons.  But when strange forces try to harm her children, she will show them, and Jake, just how a mama protects her cubs! 

Okay, I can't deny it.  I am a Christine Feehan slut.  I will read anything and everything that she puts out.  Even if it is shit, I will eat it and say, "Um, um, yummy!"  That's just the relationship that she and I have.  

But, that doesn't detract from the fact that this is a fabulous book.  Jake is the Alpha of my dreams.  Emma is his perfect foil because she simply smiles at his edicts and does whatever the hell she wants.  She is not a shrinking violet.  She goes into the relationship with her eyes wide open and acknowledging what kind of man he is.  In the end, he is the one that is profoundly changed and not the other way around.


Sasha Trudeau thought she knew everything there was to know about werewolves.  Having been bit herself, she takes medication to control the infection and works with an elite Special Ops group determined to bring down any and every werewolf they see.  Little does she know that everything she believes to be true has been a lie or that a chance encounter with the enigmatic Max Hunter will change her life.  Whether it is for the better still remains to be seen.

This is the first L.A. Banks book that I have ever read.  It's also one of the few that I bought from RT because I liked her so much.  Alas, you know that it didn't get signed.

Anyhoo, I have to admit that I stayed away from her books because for some reason, I got it into my head that she writes in first person.  I am vehemently opposed to first person (except in the case of my LOVELY CP VIOLA!  Whose book, comes out in a couple weeks, BTW!).  So I was pleasantly surprised that it was the dear old third person.  And that it was a kick-ass book!

Technically, I guess this book is Urban Fantasy, or Dark Fantasy as the spine reads, but I think of it more in the lines of Fantasy with romantic elements.  It's clear that this is a series much like J.D. Robb's 'In Death' books.  

I also have to say how much I enjoyed it.  I'm so glad that I got the next two books in the series so no waiting there.  I'm also going to check out her Vampire Huntress books.  I love her style of writing.  I'm also so digging Sasha.  She's my kind of bad ass.  Her and Hunter burn up the pages and there is still plenty of action so if you want to trick your man into reading a romance, this would be the way to go.



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Tricia Leigh Wood said...

I can't wait to read Christine's new book in the leapord series.

I read the first one so many years ago, I need to go back and start at the begining. I was so happy to learn she was fianlly picking up with the L series. I really enjoyed the first one.

I'm just sorry it came at such a price. I am going to miss her Dark series and all the wonderful heros and heroines she created. The series was an absolute streak of genius.

There must be something about Sunday's. I never seem to get my blog done on that day either. Perhaps we should consider changing the day we blog.