Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

I'm back and I'm ready to plunge feet first into all of my authorial responsibilities. And I do that by presenting you with the Book Blog.

You would think that luck would follow anyone who'd won more than $200 million dollars in the lottery but that is not the case for Jenner Redwine. Yes, she did win the lottery but then her boyfriend sued her, her father stole from her, and her best friend used her for the money. So, seven years later, you'd think that her luck has changed.


Not only are she and her best friend kidnapped right before they're off to set sail on a charity cruise and held hostage, but she's also fighting a mad attraction her her kidnapper, Cael Traylor. Stockholm Syndrome?

Soon enough, she realizes that Cael and his team are the good guys and they they must all work together to save the lives of everyone on the boat.

Okay, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Ms. Howard has a way of making you not only root for the bad guy but make him likable and sexy as well. Of course in her previous book, the bad guy was REALLY a bad guy and in this book we kind of know the deal but that doesn't make Cael anymore endearing to us until we get to know him.

I just love all the suspense elements in Ms. Howard's books. I have from the beginning. In fact, one of my favorite lines in a novel comes from one of her books. The hero tells the heroine to stay where she is while he goes after the bad guy and she says to him, 'Of course I'm staying. I'm not stupid. I know what happens to those women.' Or something like that that made me applaud her because she wasn't stupid enough to follow him into danger.

There is real chemistry between Jenner and Cael. I believed the story even though it was fantastical. I highly recommend this book. I only wish that there was more sex but don't I always?


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