Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sex is Boring!

That's right, I said it. Sex is boring. At least the writing of it is. It's basically insert Tab A into Slot B. Everyone does it, some organisms even to it all by themselves, although I'm sure that's not as much fun.

The reason I'm thinking about this is because as I am working on my edits, I realize that the love scenes that I wrote no longer...ahem...excite me. I remember writing them and feeling that certain something. And when I went back to revise, I fanned my face against the tide of rising heat and said to myself, 'I can't believe I wrote that.' Now, I'm reading and revising and I'm thinking 'Oh, my God, ENOUGH!' I am so over sex .

I had this conversation with a couple of my CPs the other day and Helen (who rocks long and hard and just got two new contracts) said that she's going to try and write an HQ Presents novel because she is so over sex and I can't say that I blame her.

However, as much as I am over sex between Chloe and Sean, I have some new characters that are steaming up my computer screen that I can't wait to write about and explore their journey. The difficulty comes with keeping the sex fresh and new. The key to a good sex scene is the emotion that lies beneath the physical tab and slot. Each love scene is nuanced and has purpose and means something for the characters. That's why I read romance and erotic romance. And to be honest, sometimes I watch porn because while sex is boring, let's face it, fucking is fun. To do and to watch.

So here's to sex. Boring, emotional, hot, fun, however you can get it. I may be over it for now, but there's always something (or someone) new on the horizon.

Like this guy, for example:

You're Welcome!


Lia Slater said...

I know the feeling. It's tough reading the same scenes over and over, especially if they've been picked apart. Not fun!

Helen Hardt said...

Monica, you are so right -- sex is difficult to write, and it does get boring after a while. So NaNo here I come! I'm going to write a very sensual, very evocative Presents of 50K, and here's my goal (ahem): only one actual consummation scene! But there will be plenty of squirming kisses and foreplay. We'll see how it goes. And my hero? A sexy Spanish billionaire who resembles Javier Bardem...

Monica Kaye said...

NICE!!! You had me at squirming kisses and foreplay. I can't wait to read it. Plus, Javier Bardem makes me weak!

Tricia Leigh Wood said...

I couldn't agree more about more. writing sex is difficult but it is fun to read as long as somebody else has written it.

I love the hottie.