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Ivory Manilov has been lost to the Carpathian people for centuries until now. Fresh off of fighting a deadly vampire enemy, Ivory meets that last person she ever thought to encounter, Razvan, her lifemate. Though on the verge of death, Razvan refuses her help and asks to die. She cannot allow it and brings him back to her home knowing that her once secretive existence is about to change dramatically.

Razvan has long been thought to be a traitor to his people. Indeed, he has willingly given away a part of his soul to his grandfather, the evil Mage Xavier, in order to save his sister and his daughter. Xavier may have possessed Razvan's body, but to his mind, it in no way exonerates him for his crimes...or in the eyes of his people. The people who wish to condemn him. The very people only he and Ivory can save.

Okay, you already know that I love Ms. Feehan and that love has only grown over the years. This story, while it had the potential to be one of the most heartrending (okay, can I tell you, I was balling my eyes out when I read 'Dark Melody'), it seemed a bit of a departure from her previous books. Razvan is not the ALPHA male who needs Ivory to restore light to his soul. Rather, it is Ivory who needs Razvan to restore her balance. Plus, Ivory is a kick ass bitch and a Hunter through and through. She is the female Hunter that we have been waiting for.

Razvan, on the other hand, it all peace and tranquility despite centuries of torture and abuse at the hands of Xavier. My only qualm with this book is that I wish we had more time with him so that we could really get into his head. I know that he is a Dragonseeker and they rarely turn vampire but I wanted to be in his head, in his past, more so that I could truly understand him. Ms. Feehan is usually very good at giving us this history. Her stories are riddled with heroines with horrendous pasts that we get to know intimately, I wish that she had done the same for Razvan.

In spite of this, this was a great story. It weaves together well all of the elements of the plots that have come before. Each story builds on the previous ones and that is what truly makes this series unique. I hear that she is going to be ending it soon but I pray with all my heart that that isn't true. And I can't believe that seeing as how she introduced no less than six new characters in the past three books, three (or maybe more) in this book alone.


Sabin has been possessed by the demon of Doubt for centuries. And for centuries he, and his lovers, have suffered for it. While on a mission to search for four artifacts for the god Cronus, he meets the one woman who can silence the demon.

Gwen the Timid has been held captive by the Hunters for a year, something that should never have happened. She was a Harpy, for God's sake! But just about the worst Harpy ever. When Sabin and his team come to 'rescue' her she doesn't know whether to be grateful or not. But that doesn't stop the attraction blossoming between them. But can a woman riddled with doubt all the time be happy with a man who is the epitome of that?

So, that was a really crappy description but it was the best that I could do. The story is kind of hard to describe because although Gwen plays a factor in Sabin's mission, it's not as if she's the key. Still, I enjoyed the story. Gwen being a Harpy is great for Sabin because his demon, Doubt, is afraid of her and gets quiet when she's around. Poor Sabin has had to deal with women killing themselves over the worries the demon places in his lovers and he needs someone strong. Plus, in the midst of this, you have a woman overcoming her own, self-made issues with confidence. It's a very intriguing combination and one that works well. Nicely done, Ms. Showalter.


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