Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunday Book Blog (on a Wednesday)

Sorry about the last post. My Internet is kind of wonky and so my blogging had been put on hold but I did find enough of a signal to send this.

This weekend I discovered a new author. Anna Windsor.

Well, I didn't 'discover' her so much as ran across her book at Barnes & Noble and the book sounded good.

Bound By Shadow (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood) Book 1


A Trio of Demon Hunters called Sybils are out protecting Manhattan. The lead warrior Princess, Riana, meets NYPD homicide detective, Creed, as he is on the hunt for the killer of a senator's son. Creed is part of a super secret division of the NYPD that deals with the occult. She instantly senses that he's a demon but she also knows that he's the sexiest man she's ever met and they have a problem keeping their hands off each other. But can a Demon hunter and a Demon ever find happily ever after?

Let me just say that I loved this story. It's inventive in a way that very few paranormals are anymore. Paranormals seem like they are a dime a dozen but there are new voices that stand out among the pack, like Ms. Windsor and Nalini Singh (who if you haven't read, you need to go, run, not walk, to buy ALL her books!) The plot is also engaging. Not a dull moment in my opinion.

It's also dark, which I like. And the sex scenes are awesome! In part because Ms. Windsor used to write for Ellora's Cave (something we may have in common in a few months).

But what makes me absolutely ecstatic about this trilogy is that the books are coming out in June, July, and August. NO WAITING!!! I enjoy trilogies but I have to say that waiting six months between books can be so frustrating! I don't always remember that I want to read the next story.

Her next book, Bound By Flame (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood Book 2) is already out. And Bound By Light (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood Book 3) is out August 26th but is available for pre-order.


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