Friday, July 4, 2008


It's a hard thing. I still can't look at the letter that I received from Kensington. But I soldiered on and submitted to Ellora's Cave and LooseID. I won't hear about those for a few months but until then, I've decided to take the constructive criticism to heart. I've decided to revise my story, to add a bit more conflict, which is what the editor's complaint was with my story. I'm submitted the story to my critique group with the rewrites so I can see if I'm going in the right direction.

Rejections are a part of the business. I know that. I know that I have to grow a thick skin. That and write, of course. I've never been good at rejections. I have this whole perfection complex so if I'm not good at something or I don't think that I'll be good at something, I won't try it. But I know that I'm a good writer so the rejection hurts. I wish that editors had the time to expand on what could be improved in your writing. I know they don't but it would be nice.

I have to take this rejection (and the ones that will inevitably follow) and improve. That's all. And all is a lot.

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Helen said...

Hey Monica -- You're truly talented so don't let this rejection get you down. And stop laughing! I know you're thinking, "do as I say, not as I do." Yes, CP of mine, I'm exactly the same way, perfection complex and all, just ask my DH. Perhaps we can help each other grow thicker skins. And time does heal all wounds. Keep writing, hon! And the harder part, keep submitting. --Helen