Monday, October 20, 2008

Save the Contemporary!

Okay, I am a big fan of contemporary romance. I write it and I read it. But as the Smart Bitches point out, they seem to be a dying breed. Most publishers seem to want to go with what's popular. Of course! They want to make money. And what's popular right now is paranormal, erotica, romantic suspense, and other 'sub genres.' The problem is that straight forward contemporary romance has now been dwindled into a sub genre.  

So Erin McCarthy has teamed up with Smart Bitches and Dear Author for the 'Buy a Contemporary, Save the World' campaign to celebrate the release of her new book 'Flat Out Sexy' which is a flat out contemporary romance. Now, I love Ms.McCarthy. Her books rock! Very sexy. So of course, I want to do my part. (And possibly win $100 along the way.)

So go out! Buy Contemporaries! They miss you!

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Viola Estrella said...

I love contemporary! I hope it never dies. And sometimes you need a break from all the vamps, weres, and orgasms. Okay, not me personally but you know what I mean.:-)

I'll go check out the link.