Saturday, October 11, 2008

This reminds me...

If you've read The Colorado Vixens' blog you know that our Viola is a very innocent person and Helen and I are the bad influences on her.  And if you read my blog about Sex, you would know that Helen and her webmistress Laura took it upon themselves to show her some porn which absolutely shocked out little Vi.  (And if you believe any of that I have an Alaskan Bridge for sale on Ebay.)

So when I saw this clip over at the Smart Bitches website, it made me think of them.  It's porn that presented in a 'Safe for Work' manner.  

It's like getting the best of two worlds.  Helen gets her porn and we keep our little Vi innocent as pie.



Helen Hardt said...

Would you believe I recognized one of those scenes?



Kylie Creel said...

*dies of laughter* Me influence Helen to corrupt Vi?? NEVER! *shocked gasp* She could have left her, um, room at any time! :-P


Viola Estrella said...

Monica, I can't find the Alaskan bridge on Ebay anywhere. What's up???