Monday, November 23, 2009

Man Meet Monday: James Scott

Hello and welcome to my inaugural Man Meet Monday. Just my little way of starting you week off right. What better way that by looking at the some hot man meat. Get it? My wit astounds me.

Anyhoo, many of those who know me would think that I would start this new segment off with the man I fully intend to stalk, bag, and tie up in my basement so that I may so things to him that I am sure would get me arrested, even in France, Gerard Butler. Normally, they would be right but lately I've been into Days of Our Lives (yes, I love me the stories) and a certain hunk that makes me lick my lips every time I see him. James Scott aka E.J. DiMeara.

This man gives new meaning to the word Soap Opera Hunk. He's tall, British, and made of candy. I'm sure of it. It has to be the reason I just want to lick him every time I see him. And he's got this five o'clock shadow going on that I wouldn't mind it abrading the inside of my thighs, my breasts, my... Uh, yeah.

Obviously I think he's attractive and want to jump on him like a monkey on a trampoline. He hails from England and started out as a nightclub promoter. He got his first big break playing Ethan Cambius on All My Children and originated the role of EJ on Days three years ago. And boy, has he been busy. Unfortunately, late he's been more busy out of bed than in it but hopefully he'll get a love interest soon. Oh, and did I mention he's only 30. PERFECT!!!!

Please to enjoy...


Lynne Roberts said...

Ohhh, Monica.

Very nice. Thank you for sharing!

I've been trying to email you and it keeps coming back (???)

Thanks for the eye candy. ; )


Helen Hardt said...

Oh, he's HOT! I don't think I've ever seen him before. Love the smattering of chest hair... NICE.

Cari Quinn said...

Yeah, I'll take two. Give me a British accent and I'm there!

Anonymous said...
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