Monday, November 30, 2009

Man Meet Monday: Steve Burton

In keeping with my Soap Opera Hunk theme, I bring to you, Steve Burton. Steve has played Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan on General Hospital for more years than I can count. He wasn't always the ripped hunk that he is now. In fact, he used to be quite scrawny. Thank God for free weights!

Anyhoo, Steve is apparently quite the funny guy, performing stand up and is known to be a practical joker, which amuses me to no end because his character is about as emotionless and robotic as you can get. Steve is 39 and happily married with two kids, which is fine with me because he's more of someone I like to look at although my friend Julie would disagree as she wants to eat him whole.

Oh, and I also think he did a spread in Playboy.


P.S. To those of you doing NaNo, CONGRATS!!! I decided that I couldn't hang this year, with a new job and moving so I'll be doing my own NaNo probably in January. Maybe March.


Lynne Roberts said...

Very, very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Lia Slater said...

Yay for soap operas! I want to be a soap opera casting director in my next life. :-) Nice choice!

Monica Kaye said...

I know, right!

Anonymous said...

Oh very nice. I just want to lick him.