Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay, this book was so good that it deserved an early Book Blog all its own!

First let me tell all of you that I want to be Sherrilyn Kenyon when I grow up!  Not only the multi-NYT bestseller part, but also just the fact that she is such a wonderful person. She was here in Colorado last night doing a book signing and I got to meet her.  At first I wasn't going to go but then I decided that I really wanted to see her in person and I am so glad that I did.

First, can I just say that very rarely do any really big authors come to Denver.  Sherrilyn had come twice this year and she's coming back in May for my local RWA chapter's conference.  That's just one reason she rocks.

Secondly, she is so nice and funny!  I was laughing the whole time.

But I think the most important part about why I loved her was just how gracious and lovely she was.  She took the time to talk to everyone.  She took pictures with us, she chatted, and she encouraged me to keep up with my writing.  When I left the bookstore, it was almost 10:30 (30 minutes after closing time) and she was still going strong.  She had at least another hour or so of work left and I'm sure that her hand was dead this morning.

That's the kind of author that I want to be.  Not only surrounded by adoring fans, but to be that accessible and welcoming and just so...awesome.  She was awesome.  

So on the off chance that Ms. Kenyon ever reads this blog, thank you so much for your time and your patience and your grace.  I will always have that and the fuzzy picture that my crappy camera phone took to remember you by.

Now on to the review:

I'm not going to bother with a synopsis here because there is so much going on in this book that it would be impossible to do it justice.  I will just say that this is a book that I have been waiting years for and I was not disappointed.

If you read my previous book blog, you know that I love me a tortured hero and Ash delivers that in spades.  The first couple hundred pages had me in tears almost constantly.  When you read about Ash's past, if you can maintain a stiff upper lip then there is something seriously wrong with you.  I haven't cried this hard since Valerian's story.  And before that, Zarek's.  


Tortured heroes so do it for me!  

And something that I found interesting is that for a while, Ms. Kenyon was able to make me not only like Artemis, but root for her.  But then she took it all back.  I hate Artie with a vengeance matched only Ash and his new woman.  (And if all of this means jack shit to you, go read the books!)

Now this is not a book, it is a tome written in four parts.  It's over 700 pages and worth every bit of lost sleep that I got from reading it.  It took me a day, more or less.  Not only because I'm a fast reader but because it was an amazing book and I didn't want to put it down.  

But this is not only about Ash but his heroine.  I won't reveal her name or anything about her other than to say that I think that they meshed so beautifully together that they were literally made for each other.  (Okay, I will give you a hint.  She has been in a previous book but you will never guess which one.  So read them all.)

My only qualm is that I wish that she had been able to cram in a few more love scenes between Ash and his lady.  Not only because I'm a bit of a pervert and would do anything to get more descriptive about Ash but also because I just loved them together so much.  But I got over that because this time, I cried at the HEA.

This book could be read as a stand alone.  There is a lot of backstory but it's nothing that a novice to the Dark-Hunters couldn't follow.  But my advice is to read them all from the beginning.  You get to know Ash before you get to know him.  

I'm only sad that now the mystery is gone for me about Ash.  But there is always Savitar and Jaden.  

Please, Ms. Kenyon, let there be Savitar and Jaden.

Screw the rating system.  


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm probably going to go read it again.


Viola Estrella said...

Oh boy. Are you going to hate me if I tell you I've only read one Dark Hunter book? I guess I better get my act together. I've heard too many good things about them not to give then another try.

Helen Hardt said...

You know I love a tortured hero. I'll have to give this one a read! Like Vi, I've only read one Dark Hunter book. Okay, you can slap me. I'll remedy that with Ash's story.


Kaye Manro said...

Hi Viola!
Saw you on Helen's blog. Oh yeah, I own many of her books. She is an author we writers should surely read.

Good luck with your writing!

Monica Kaye said...
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Monica Kaye said...

Hi Kaye!

Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement. Come back soon.