Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Book Blog

This week I have not two but three books for your reading pleasure.

So without further ado...


When he was a child, Vincent Valtrez witnessed his mother's death at the hands of his father--or so he thinks.  Twenty years later, he's no closer to the memory.  So when Vincent, an FBI agent, is called back to his hometown to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated murders that psychic Clarissa, a girl from his past, believes to be the work of a serial killer, he fears that those memories will come back.  Together they solve the mystery of his past and his potential future.

Um, I left out a lot in this synopsis.  Like the fact that Vincent was born from a demon father and Angel mother, therefore making him a Demon Lord.  His father, Zion, is going to be the new leader of Hell and needs his son by his side to make the transition permanent and rule the earth.

Oh, maybe I didn't leave anything out.

This books marks a departure for Ms. Herron.  She usually writes romantic suspense and this is definitely a paranormal.  Which I think is great.  I always believe that artists should be constantly expanding and growing.

I enjoyed the book.  It was very sensuous.  The sex was definitely amped up.  Plus, I really do like books that use 'fuck' to describe the act.  I'm sick like that.  The hero is tortured, which I adore.  The heroine is a match for him.  I think the story was inventive and I liked her 'voice.'  

Only two issues.  One, while I enjoyed the sex scenes, I think that there was a big build-up to it but the while the scene was good, I was left wanting just a bit more.  And second, this is a trilogy where the next book won't be out until 2009 which sux great big donkey balls.

My new rating system: Walk, Speed Walk, Jog, Run

This book?  Speed Walk


Adrien Fletcher, a bullet catcher, is on the hunt for woman.  Only not in the way you might think.  He's on the trail of a woman who was sold through the Black Baby market thirty years ago and finding her might just save a woman's life, literally.  What he finds is Miranda Lang, a linguist who's new book about the Maya calendar is majorly pissing off some people.  In order to see if she's the woman that he needs, he's going to need to get close to her, very close, in order to find a tattoo marking her as the woman he needs.  And Adrien is more than up to the job.

While Miranda may not be the one he wants, he is definitely the one she needs when death and mayhem start to follow her everywhere she goes.

This is the beginning of a second set of trilogies and it's a good one.  I always love a good bodyguard story.  And the introduction of the Maya calendar angle was ingenious.  I learned something new which makes me happy.

I also enjoyed the H/H combination.  There was enough suspense at the end of the book that will make me want to read the next one.  Which is out now.  That's awesome!

Verdict?  Speed Walk

Psychic Zoe Clare sees ghosts and fairies.  Fortunately, that's not so odd in the town of Fairyville Arizona.  But for all her psychic abilities, she still can't figure out how to get her landlord/manager, Magnus Monroe, to see her.  What makes it worse, is that she seems to be the only woman in the town whom he hasn't...sampled.  So when her high school flame comes back to town, she seizes the opportunity to make him jealous and get some sex all at the same time.

Okay, I love this book.  I LOVE EMMA HOLLY.  Her books are what got me started in erotica because she does it so well.  She is the queen of threesomes and foursome and somehow manages to do it in a way that's both classy and romantically satisfying.  Usually, I don't like the multiple partner angle but she manages to keep the romance between the two couples while at the same time serving up some steamy sex.

This book has everything, M/M, M/F/M, and the oh-so popular M/M/F/M.  Now that was something new.  Three guys and a girl?  HELL YEAH!!!

My ultimate foursome you ask?  Well I'll tell you.  Me (of course), Gerard Butler, my new hotness James McAvoy, and Anderson Cooper.  Although, I would substitute AC for either of the Colins (Ferrell or Firth).  


Now that is heaven.

Rating?  RUN!!!!    

Until next week!


Helen Hardt said...

I love Roxanne St. Clair and Emma Holly so I'll definitely give those a look!

Caffey said...

I may put Rita Herron's on my wishlist. I just never read her. And for Romance Suspense, I only read when very hot, LOL. I think its because I was burned out on suspense only (without romance) before the internet and tried books here and there looking for those with romance. I love the intensity of both the romance and suspense. So with that, I'm iffy on this one, but may try.

Love Roxi's books! I have to get the next in that series! Those Bullet Catchers are so good!

Ok, I have this somewhere in the room to read of Emma Holly's LOL. (I know I need her recent release, DEMON'S FIRE, my wishlist is getting so long, and you're not helping, LOL). Love the way you rate them, run!!