Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Book Blog

Okay, after all that hoopla about this not being a book review blog, here I am with two new reviews. I really shouldn't be writing this. I'm 5,000 words behind on my WIP but I'm in massive denial about it. So...


Today's books:

Bound by Flame (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood Book 2) by Anna Windsor

The second book in the series starts off a few months after the first book. Creed and Riana are married. Cynda, the heroine, and Marilee have moved to the townhouse once owned by Creed and Nick, the heroine and Creed's twin brother demon. The house has now become the HQ for the OSU and the Sybils. The book starts out with Cynda and Nick meeting with an informant. It soon turns into an invisible demon attack. Turns out, the Legion or someone else, is targeting fire Sybils like Cynda and Nick is assigned to be her bodyguard when her sister sybils are not around. She's resistant at first (of course!) but after seeing the devastation of other Triads, she relents. Nick and Cynda and the rest of the Scooby gang must work together to see who is targeting the fire Sybils. All sorts of mayhem ensues, especially when one of the demons that they are hunting turns out to be Creed and Nick's brother, Jake. Oh, and Cynda has been ordered out of a relationship with Nick. Is Jake the bad guy? Will love conquer all?- (Of course, it's a romance novel!)

All in all, I enjoyed the book. I really like Cynda, she reminds me of the heroine in my current WIP. The relationship between them is also very interesting. One thing that I found curious was that although Cynda is a fire Sibyl, the chemistry between Riana and Creed from the first book, is way more explosive. I thought that it was quite the dichotomy. A strong addition to the trilogy and I only have to wait a couple more weeks until the next book.


My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel

In a world of Mages and Fiends, Carson Philips is as lost as a babe in the woods. Practically held hostage for years by a powerful Mage, Magellan, Carson has been helping him for years without her knowledge. One night, she witnesses just how evil Magellan is and goes on the run. Fortunately, she is found by Nickodemus, a powerful Warlord. Unfortunately, he also wants to kill her. Along with Magellan's thugs. The good news is that he doesn't kill her, the bad news is that Magellan has been slowly poisoning her for years so that he could suppress her use of her magic but still be able to draw it from her and she only has a little while to live. Together Carson and Nikodemus must stop Magellan from his evil plotting and find a way to save Carson's life before it's too late.

First off, this book was a real lesson of world building in the paranormal. It has some crazy complications. The synopsis that I gave you is really bare bones because so much is happening in this story that there is no simple explanation. How Carson gets saved is also weird and I'm not sure I understand it. I would give you more info but too much can ruin the book and I want you to discover it for yourself.

There was one part that I didn't enjoy. At times in the book, it seemed like there was going to be threesome, which I don't object to, but it came so late in the game that it kind of put me off. And the heroine does have sex, I think, with someone other than the hero. But it wasn't clear if it was happening in reality or in her head like some super hallucination. Either way, it grossed me out.

Well, two parts because one time Nikodemus and Carson were having sex and and he turned into his demon self and the author chose not to give us a description of what he looked like. Big downer.

However, the rest of the book makes up for these lapses and I am definitely looking forward to reading another one of her book.

Buy it.

Man, I need a ratings system.

Aren't you proud of me for getting you the Sunday Book Blog on an actual Sunday?

Yay me!

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