Friday, November 21, 2008

Bitchslapped by Life

So, I've been sick as a dog since Tuesday night.  My body wants to expel my lungs by way of my mouth and I've been coughing so much that I'm pretty sure that I have a hernia.  Added to that is the fact that I can't breathe.  Right now I love Afrin so much that I wish it had a penis so I could fuck it.  I'd even take him in the ass.  That's how much I love him.

Needless to say that I did not write on Wednesday.  I slept.  I did write yesterday but I didn't post because my internet is down and they could come to fix it anytime between now and the time monkeys start flying out my cooch.  

My word count?  37,043.

I should be done by Wednesday (my goal so I don't have to worry about it over the holiday) so no worries.  

Oh, and I got an 'I Love Your Blog' award (icon coming) from my wonderful and Lovely CP Helen Hardt.  Although, honestly, if I hadn't won, she and I would have had words.  LOL

So thank you Helen and hopefully I will feel better enough in the next few days to do some awarding of my own.

Later Gators!


Helen Hardt said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick, Monica. Really, I am. So why the hell can't I stop laughing? Take Afrin in the ass... LOLOL!

See, this is why you deserve the I love your blog award.


Monica Kaye said...

Thanks Helen, I try.

But seriously, my story is crap. I don't even want to finish it it's so bad. I'll try. Really hard. It's the conflict. My characters have no conflict. I'm going to work on understanding that next month.


Viola Estrella said...

Aw, sorry you're sick! At least you still have your warped sense of humor. I'd worry otherwise. So...chicken soup, OJ, and sleep is what you need. Screw Nano and leave the Afrin alone. :-))