Sunday, March 8, 2009

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I know that you're all super-excited so I won't keep you waiting.

Home care nurse Hannah Grey is down on her luck when she decides to take a job caring for Carrick Manly's mother.  Little does she know that she has just been thrust into a world of intrigue that she's ill-equipped to handle.  When Mrs. Manly lets Hannah in on a secret, the whereabouts of the billions of dollars that her husband Nathan seemingly absconded with, Hannah knows she's in trouble.  She's proven right when on Halloween night, Mrs. Manly is killed and Hannah's the one who (unwittingly) delivers the fatal dose.

Gabriel Prescott has been searching for his birth family ever since his mother dumped him off in the middle of an interstate when he was four years old.  He's finally found it in the Manly family.  When his brother (who doesn't know that they're related) hores him to spy on Hannah and his mother, Gabriel jumps at the chance, especially after seeing Hannah's photo.  When Hannah disappears on the night of Mrs. Manly's murder, it's Gabriel who tracks her down almost a year later in his home state of Texas.  And he has no plans to let her go...yet.

So, Danger in a Red Dress (although there's no red dress in the book) represents the culmination of two series, the Lost Texas Hearts and Fortune Hunters.  I've been waiting for Gabriel's story for years.  He's always been quite mysterious.  I do have to say that I was satisfied.


Yes, there is a 'but.'  First of all, Hannah and Gabriel don't meet until almost half-way through the book.  Yes, they speak on the phone but they don't lay eyes on each other.  Second, Gabriel is living on the estate and spying on Hannah and Mrs. Manly.  Kind of creepy.  Finally, Gabriel's almost blind loyalty to his obviously messed up brother is perplexing.  I know that he has a deep respect for family but he has sisters and brothers so it's not as if he's alone.  Oh, and one more thing, when Hannah and Gabriel do finally 'meet' as themselves, it's for like a week.  

That being said, I have to say that there is something about Ms. Dodd that keeps me slathering over her books.  I admit that I'm more a fan of her historical novels but she does do a nice romantic suspense.  This isn't my favorite story in either series but it's solid.

I do wish that there was a little more meat to the one sex scene that was in the book but who am I to question where an author wants to go with her novel?  If you like Ms. Dodd, you'll enjoy this book.


Two hundred years ago, Anna Randal gave herself and her blood to Conde Cezar in a night of reckless passion, only to have him disappear, leaving her forever changed.  Now he has reemerged and Anna wants some answers.  Like why she can't die.

Cezar has never forgotten Anna or their one amazing night.  A night that cost him almost two hundred years of his life.  But once he sees her again, he knows that it has been worth it.  The second they see each other, their passion blazes as hot as before.  Cezar has been tasked with keeping Anna alive so that she can claim her destiny as an Oracle.  A feat that become almost impossible when Morganna, the Fairy Queen, orders her death.  Now, Cezar and Anna are fighting for their lives and each other.

I have nothing but good things to say about this book.  I really enjoyed it.  I thinke Cezar is hot and Anna is more than a match for him.  I like the mythology behind the story.  I so admire an author that and world build and so it consistently.  It's a talent that I don't believe I have which is why I don't write paranormal.  Plus, the love scenes were hot (something that is super-duper important to a freak like me).

And before you ask, yes this book can be read as a stand alone although I would highly recommend that buy her previous books.  I particularly liked Viper.  *Shudder*



Tricia Leigh Wood said...

Both books sound interesting.

I love your book reviews.

Helen Hardt said...

They both sound intriguing...