Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Book Blog

Sorry, I missed last week.  I did have two books ready and willing but I spent so much time with my website that I just didn't have the energy to do it.

But I'm back now and aren't you so glad!

Ian Buchanan has always felt as though there was something dark, something evil, inside of him just waiting for the opportunity to strike.  So when so-called psychic Molly Stratton comes to him saying not only that what's inside of him is real, but that his mother, his dead mother, sent her to help him confront it, he does the only thing he can think of.  He throws her out.

But that doesn't stop her from haunting his dreams.  Dreams of incredible sex and violence where Molly is featured front and center.  Dreams that Molly not only shares but experiences in waking life.  They have little time to worry over that.  An ancient evil, the Casus, has escaped its prison and it's on the hunt for the Merrick, aka Ian and his siblings.  Now Ian and Molly must confront the Casus and save mankind but lose their hearts in the battle.

Okay, this is my first time reading Ms. Byrd and I have to say, she hooked me from the first page.  And it didn't hurt that the first few chapter were about sex.  Really good, hair pulling, pelvis pounding, fangs in the throat sex.  Too bad we didn't get more of it until almost the end of the book.  SIGH!

Anyhoo, this was a good book with an interesting premise.  I'm not sure that I understand totally the Casus and the Merrick thing but it is a trilogy so I'm sure that by the end, I will.  Ian is a good character, torn between what he thinks is being a good man and the darkness inside of him.  Molly, a psychic with her own tragic past, is a bit of a freak because she's kind of digging the rough sex and fangs thing.  A match made in heaven. 

Can I also say how grateful I am that the books are coming out in April, May, and June?!?! No stupid 6 month wait in between where you either forget or have lost interest between books.  I love that.


When Derek Taggart met Alyssa Miles at a swanky society party and subsequently brought her home for a night of incredible sex, he never expected the havoc she would wreak on his life.  

Alyssa Miles, is the quintessential party girl, famous for no other reason that her antic in the press and her family.  But, as heiress to the Van Weldt diamond fortune, she is trying to clean up her image.  A feat that becomes impossibly difficult when her father and stepmother are killed in an apparent murder-suicide.  Her life is further complicated when her uncle hires Derek Taggart, a personal security expert, to be her 'keeper.'

Their attraction only grows stronger, despite strong evidence that Alyssa, a former junkie, is up to her old tricks.  Even Derek, who can't keep his hands off her, doesn't believe her story that she's being drugged. Not until she's kidnapped and the two of them are thrust into a conspiracy beyond their wildest imaginations.

This story is good and complicated, involving blood diamonds and international conspiracies.  I really liked the fact that Alyssa, a Paris Hilton-esque character, was so flawed as to have a history of drug abuse.  Being a therapist, I take issue with the fact that she's never been tempted to relapse, but that's my issue.

Derek is a typical male bonehead.  He sees how her family treats her and he sympathizes with her then goes on and does the exact same thing.  He really has no reason not to trust her other than what he's learned in tabloids.  Alyssa reminds me of a kicked puppy who keeps coming back to her abusers for love but in a good way if that's possible.  She's not a weak person in general but she is starved for love which is why she chooses Derek because he's incapable of feeling.  So at the end, both of their arcs are satisfying and there's plenty in between to keep you interested.


Until next week, later gators

P.S. I'M GOING TO COSTA RICA!!!!  Just had to share that!

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