Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The woman's a GENIUS

So, if you meandered over to the blog that I share with my critique partners, Helen Hardt, Viola Estrella, and Tricia Wood, Colorado Vixens, then you would have read a post that I wrote on Monday about a story I'm writing about a Pixie and how I'm doing research and there's not a whole lot out there and since this is my first 'paranormal' I have to work harder because now I have to do some world building.  I can tell by the number of responses that I received, everyone was truly fascinated.

Anyhoo, I've been thinking about paranormal romance and who I think does it well, and the name that keeps flashing to me was Christine Feehan (with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Nalini Singh riding hot on her heels).  I love her books!  I gobble them up like a demented kid locked inside a candy factory.  But what I love more than just her books themselves is how she strives to bring you into this world.  She makes book trailers for all of her novels that look really cool.

And...the woman helped invented a language!  That is some seriously cool shit!  I know of no author other than J.R.R. Tolkien who's done that.  You can even go to her website to hear the language being spoken.  Fucking ridiculous!

So, dumbass that I am, I still read books for pure enjoyment and really don't pay too much attention to how an author does what she does.  I hear all the time that you're really an author when you read a book and constantly analyze every detail.  I guess I'm not there yet.  Or is it that she's just the good an author that I get lost in the story.  That's the kind of author I want to be.  I want my readers to get swept up in the story.  If they have time to analyze every detail, then I didn't do my job. 

Plus, I'm not an analytical person.  I don't watch a TV show or movie or read a book and consider the postmodern existential feminist ramifications when I'm done.  I'm all about brain candy.  I read or watch so that I don't have to think.  Maybe I need change that but it works for me.

So, the point to this crazy rambling post is worldbuilding is a skill and one that I need to learn quickly.  If only I could learn from a master like Ms. Feehan.  Or Ms. Kenyon.  Or Ms. Singh. 

Until then, I can only hope that some day, some random pre-pubbed author will write a blog like this about me.

Check out the trailer for Christine Feehan's upcoming release...

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Helen Hardt said...

Well, I was truly fascinated, LOL.

You know worldbuilding and I don't mix very well. There's an RT workshop on worldbuilding which I was planning to attend -- until, of course, RT became only a dream for me this year. But you should attend and then share the info with me ;).