Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Book Blog

Yay!  A Book Blog!  

I deliberately wanted to wait because I wanted the blogvella to stay up for a few days by itself but now, I must blog.

I actually read two books over the weekend but I'm only blogging on one today because I'm trying to enter a contest so...

Elena Devereaux hunts vampires.  As a fully licensed Hunter with the Guild, she was born to hunt vampires and return them to their angel masters.  So when she gets a summons to Angel Tower, home of Archangel Raphael, she knows that it can't be good given his violent reputation.  When she arrives, she finds him to be everything that she expected, cold, hard, and unfeeling.  But that doesn't stop her instant and fiery attraction. 

Fear and passion aside, Raphael has a job for her.  One that she can't refuse and one that could very well cost her her life.  

Okay.  I can't tell you how much I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!

Really, I love anything Nalini writes.  She's definitely at the top of my 'must buy' list and I wish that she would clone herself and lock them all in a room so all they would do is write because it's absolute torture to wait for her books.  

Anyway, the thing that I like most about Nalini's books (other than the hot sex because hey, we all know I'm a freak) is the fact that she creates worlds that are so realistic that you forget that they're alternate universes.  I mean, at the end of the book, I seriously believed that there was a tower in Manhattan where angels lived and 'worked' and vampires roamed.  She's that good.

I loved the H/H.  Raphael held my heart from the beginning even when he was doing things that I definitely didn't approve of but you get it when you understand him.  He was well-matched in Elena because she didn't take his shit and he couldn't run over her.  Their chemistry was explosive.  I particularly liked that Raphael repeatedly threatened to fuck her brains out.  I love a man (and a story) that can pull this off.

All in all, a wonderful book.  I'm as excited about this series as I was (and still am) about the Psy/Changeling stories.  I remember the first time I read 'Slave to Sensation.'  I literally got goosebumps because this was something so fresh and new in the paranormal genre that I knew she was going to skyrocket.  I feel this exact same way about Angels' Blood.  There's nothing like it out there yet.  I'm sure that the copycats will come soon but Ms. Singh is an innovator.




Tricia Leigh Wood said...

Sounds like my kind of book :)

Helen Hardt said...

Should this be my first Nalini book?

Monica Kaye said...

It's as good a book as any. I would start with 'Slave to Sensation,' though.