Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Blood Magic  by Jennifer Lyon 

Darcy McAlister doesn't know that she's an earth witch.  Which is really inconvenient when a band of rogue witch hunters come to kill her.  Fortunately for her, Axel Locke comes to save her.  Unfortunately for her, Axel plans to keep her locked in a basement until she can conjure up a cure for his little sister who has been marked for death.

Still, that does little to stop their growing attraction to each other.  But their time is limited.  She only has until the next full moon (about 7 days) to find a cure or else Axel with find the witch that cursed his sister and kill her himself.

So, this is a new author.  I think this is her first book and I have to tell you, she nailed it.  This book was hot and steamy as well as a good departure from the typical paranormal romance.  It has a solid mythology behind it.  

Apparently the Witch Hunters were created to protect witches, a special breed of human that evolved into magical beings.  Then, thirty years ago, a witch hunter turned his back on their god, Wing Slayer and some crazy shit went down which ended in witch hunters craving witch blood.  So to stop the hunger, they either need to fuck women like bunnies or kill a witch which then turns them rogue which then leaves them without a future and a lust for witch blood.  Pretty smart, pretty complicated.  I've already told you that I admire a good world builder.  Ms. Lyons hit the mark dead on.

Oh, and did I mention the steamy sex?


Lady Maura O'Donnell swore to her father on his deathbed that she would retrieve the Circle of Light stolen from them years ago by a Scottish pirate, the Black Scotsman.  The theft of which cursed their lands and their bloodlines.  The only obstacle is that to do it, she must trick and wed Alec McBride, the Duke of Gleneden, and the current Black Scotsman.  Now her only problem is keeping him from discovering her deception while seeking out the treasure.  A difficult feat when he seems determined to seduce her at every turn.

I know you're probably think, huh?  Is this a historical?  Well, yes it is.  I do read them occasionally.  Especially when I read a good plot.  And this had it.  Also, I vaguely remember reading previous Samantha James novels and I recall enjoying them so I picked this one up.  

I loved this story.  There's nothing like a good bit of deception and forced marriages to get the blood going.  My standards for historical novel are vastly different from my ones for contemporary novels.  I don't mind the forced marriage so much.  Plus, this was inventive.  I enjoyed Alec and Maura and their chemistry crackled off the page.  Plus, I enjoyed that this was a relatively simple plot.  No really big mystery.  There was a bit of paranormal elements but they didn't really drive the story.


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Helen Hardt said...

Bride of a Wicked Scotsmen? Really, nothing more needs to be said. I'm runnin'!

Tricia Leigh Wood said...

I'm with Helen, wicked Scotsmen. The title says it all.