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Forever is the right word for this story because that's how long it's taken me to finish it.  Helen, one of my CPs and fellow Vixen, is always teasing me that I can't truly write a short story.  And she's right.  This was supposed to be a quickie and ended up over 8,000 words.  There is something seriously wrong with me.  Added to the fact that I can't write short is that sex scenes are so freakin' HARD.  That's what hung up this last part of the story.  It's all sex.  With a HEA (Happily Ever After), of course!


El fin...

Ben hissed as the heat from Audrey’s heated core seared him as she straddled his chest.  The position put her so near that he smelled the musky scent of her arousal mixed mixed the light floral scent of her perfume.  The candles around the room blazed, dancing across her chocolate skin, creeping over a myriad of sensual hills and valleys.  The shadows hit her face in just the right way to mask part of her visage, transforming her from his familiar lover to a mysterious stranger.  

He had to admit that the change was intriguing.  He enjoyed a good erotic game and had in fact indulged in several of them with her.  She was the most sexually open partner that he’d ever had and he knew that many times he had pushed her to and past her limit.  He also had to admit that he could get down with a bit of light bondage.  But this was the first time that he’d ever allowed a lover to restrain him.  It was all because of Audrey.  She was the one woman in his life that he was entirely sure of.  She could ask him to walk into a burning building and he would comply, no questions asked.  She was his love, his life, his everything.  

His mouth watered as he contemplated her breasts that has pulled free from her corset.  Her nipples were taut and pouty, begging for the attention of his mouth.  He couldn’t see the color in the dim light but he knew that they were a smoky berry.  A luscious blackberry that could make his lady come in under five minutes.

He cock jerked at the thought.  His balls were drawn so tight against his body it was as if they were trying to crawl back inside his body.  He doubted that he would be able withstand what she had planned for him.

He tore his eyes away from their treasure and leveled his gaze at her.  She looked down at him, her eyelids heavy giving her a sleepy look.  But one glance into her sherry orbs told you that she was anything but tired.  They blazed with passion and secrets in only the way a woman’s could.  She watched him with a knowing smile on her plump lips.  He wanted to bite it, bite her, to get some part of him on her.  The wet heat that emanated from her ripe cunt was dripping down his chest.  He needed to taste her.  She was a treat and his sweet tooth was massive.

“I’ve got you.  Whatever am I going to do with you?”  Her voice rasped over his buzzing skin.  She planted her hands flat against his pectorals, her palms made soft circles, teasing his hard, nubby nipples.

He jerked his hips.  “I’ve got a few ideas.” 

“I’m sure you do.  But you’re mine for the entire night, slave.”  She said as she ran her hands over his chest.  Goosebumps followed in her wake.  Her hands seared deep into him, touching his very soul.

“Then I suggest you get on with it.  Big Willie is becoming impatient.”

“Well, Big Willie is just going to have to wait because Queen Petunia is prepared to take her time.”  She replied, using the nicknames for their ‘junk’  they had come up with one day in bed, laughing hysterically.

“I don’t think so.  I think Petunia is just as anxious to have Willie, thrusting inside her tight, hot pussy.”

Her shudder set off an answering shiver of lightning across his skin.  He didn’t think it was possible for his dick to get any harder.  He was wrong.

Her hands ceased their exploration.  He felt their loss keenly and he almost begged for them back.  Until he saw that they were doing much more interesting things.

She sat up on her knees so that she no longer rested on his chest.  She held his gaze, a teasing smile on her face as she allowed her fingers to trail down, over her neck, across each of her breasts, down her belly before finally coming to rest on each of her hips.  He followed the trail with barely contained hunger.  

Once at her hip, she used those same fingers to play with the bows that held her panties together.  Sweat beaded his brow and ran into his eyes.  He ignored the stinging, not wanting to look away from her for even a second.  It seemed as though hours had past before she gave a short tug and the bows disintegrated in her hands.

She pulled away the fabric, leaving her pussy open to his gaze.

“Fuck!” he moaned when he saw she had indeed taken a trip to the salon that day.  Her entire cunt was bare.  He saw the glistening evidence of her arousal and could not stop the involuntary jerk of his hip.  He wanted to fuck her.  To watch his thick shaft invade her tiny pussy, hear her moan and beg and scream and when she came, he wanted to do it all over again.

“See something you like,” her voice was pure siren and he would willingly follow her anywhere, even to certain death.

Blue eyes meet brown. “You take my breath away.”  He watched as her face softened and a rise of heat infuse her face.  He loved that his woman could still be embarassed by a compliment.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, baby.”  She said with a waggle of her eyebrows.

She reached up and grabbed at the fabric between her breasts.  One by one, she released each hook from its eyelet, giving him just a glimpse of the smooth flesh beneath.  When she finished with the last closure, she paused.  A growl threatened at the back of his throat.  She gave him a knowing smirk before permitting the leather fabric to fall away.  She tossed it onto the floor. 

She was a Boticelli painting, only softer and infinitely more touchable.  He loved everything about her body from her rounded tummy to her oh-so grabale ass to generous breasts that were right now cupped in her hands.  She smiled down at him as she kneaded the ample flesh.

This time there was no containing his growl.  Or the one that followed when she began playing with her nipples, pinching them between her thumbs and forefingers, using them to roll the distended nubs.  She groaned and shuddered as she pleasured herself.  

He licked his lips, wishing that he tasted her instead of his own sweat. 

She released one breasts to run her hand down her belly until she reached her cunt.  She used two fingers to part her labia and laid her forefinger against her clitoris.  She shivered.  He groaned.  His hips jerked.  His balls drew tighter to his body.  He was going crazy with the need to be inside of her.    

Her eyes closed and she regarded him hungrily through slitted lids.  She continued to touch herself, working her hips and pinching her nipples.  

“Please,” he said, not caring that he was begging.

She stopped her ministrations and looked down at him.  He met her gaze, pouring all he could, all his lust, his desperation into that look.

“Oh, you poor baby,” she purred.  “Here I am, enjoying a perfectly good masturbation session and you don’t have anything.  Not even your hands.”    

She settled back down onto his chest.  He hissed as her bare pussy touched him.  Her heat scorched through his skin.

She leaned over him, her breasts just above his mouth, her hands were both braced against the headboard.  All he needed to do would be to stick out his tongue and he would have her.  He didn’t have long to wait before she issued her next instruction.

“Suck them.”

“Yes,” he hissed, lifting up his head to capture the delicate nub.  

He didn’t bother with preliminaries, he latched on to the sweet flesh and sucked.  Hard.  She tasted like cinnamon, the flavor soaked into his bloodstream and sent shocks of lightning throughout his body.  He used his teeth to hold her captive as his tongue flicked over the tight pebble.  The dual sensation was guaranteed to drive her crazy.

His theory was proven correct when she groaned and pushed more of her ample asset into his waiting mouth.  If one was going to be smothered, he could think of no better way to go.  She squirmed on his chest.  He assumed she was rubbing her clit, trying for some satisfaction.  

His dick pulsed, he felt a drop of squeeze out and run down the side.  No way was he going to let her get some satisfaction while he and poor Willie suffered.  He doubled his attack on her nipple.  He released her with a soft pop and proceeded to lave her breasts with long strokes.  Once she seemed used to that, he caught her nipple once more in his mouth, biting down firmly but just short of pain.  He pulled back and allowed his teeth to scrape over the swollen nubbin.   

“Oh, God,” she moaned, moving over him in ever more urgent circles.  He kissed the expanse between her two mounds.  He tasted the slight tart tang of sweat as beads exploded her skin.  Hunger was a living, breathing, ferocious beasts, it’s claws tearing into his insides.  He knew that this wasn’t going to be enough.  He needed more.  More of her.

“I want to taste you.  I want to eat your luscious pussy.  I’m going to make you come so hard with my lips and teeth, your eyes will roll back in your head.”  He lapped at her.

“Yes.  No.”

“You know you want it.  My tongue ramming into your sweet hole.  Better yet, my cock.  Filling you, stretching you, making you scream.  Come on, baby.  Give it to me.”

“Sweet lord!”


                                  *                                  *

Somehow Audrey knew she was fast losing control of the situation.  Being handcuffed had nothing to do with power.  He knew that he could use his words to drive her crazy.  

And his tongue which was even now tracing intricate patterns on the skin between her breasts.  How he was breathing in there was anyone’s guess but the 

“You asked for it.”

She ignored the gleam of triumph that glossed over his gaze as moved to straddle his head, facing outward so she was looking down his body at the broad expanse of flesh that was hers alone.  She used her knees to keep herself just out of the reach of that wicked tongue.

“You want this?”  She asked, teasing him by shaking her ass just a little.  The rattle of the metal handcuffs told her that he had grabbed onto the headboard.

“Oh, God, baby.  I want you so much.”

“Beg me,” she said, biting her lip at her own daring.


The husky plea washed over her like a warm ocean wave.

She lowered herself until she was in range of his mouth.  His warm breath fluttered over her engorged flesh, whispering over her clitoris sending a wave of electric heat up from her pussy, through her belly and ending at the hardened point of her nipples.  She shuddered.  

For long moments, neither of them moved.  She waited, her breath caught in her throat.  Tension twisted deep in her belly, leaving a hollow ache.  Just when she was sure she was going to snap, or grind herself mindlessly onto his face, he made his move.  It was a featherlight, almost nonexistent swipe around her labia but it was enough to send fire racing along her skin.  She was just about to beg him to do it again when he did, this time with a firmer touch.   

Their groans intermingled until she couldn’t tell which of them had spoken. 

She threw her head back, her breath a harsh pant deep in her throat at the movement of his tongue along her slit.  He didn’t penetrate as he had threatened.  He simply ran his tongue around her labia, carefully avoiding her clit.  His touch was feather-light and nowhere near what she needed.  

The circles started out wide and with each swipe of his tongue grew more and more narrow.  She held her breath, waiting for him to reach the spot the spot that needed him most.  She was sure that he was going to .  It was then that he decided to switch from teasing, soft circles to a firmer touch.  He used the flat of his tongue to lap at her in broad strokes that still managed to elude her clit.  The change in sensation caused her to cry out.  

Her hands fisted at her hips and her teeth made deep impression in her bottom lip as she struggled not to push herself harder onto his teasing tongue.  She knew that he was trying to drive her crazy, to make her beg.  But she ignored the screaming hunger in her body in order to reinforce who was truly in charge although the distinction was growing dimmer as her thoughts became cloudy with pleasure.

Just when she thought that she was going to tear apart he finally gave her what her body was craving. 

“Oh, God!” She moaned when he finally sank his meaty tongue into her weeping opening.  She clenched her teeth against the tide of overwhelming pleasure that swept over her.  She couldn’t stop herself from grinding her hips onto the sensation.  He used his tongue as though it were a tiny cock.  He thrust in hard and then a slow retreat.  Quick, hard thrust in, slow, leisurely retreat.  In.  Out.  In. Out.  She worked her hips in perfect counterpoint to the rhythm he set.    

Ecstasy churned in her gut.  The string drawing tighter and tighter as her orgasm loomed on the horizon.  She didn’t want to come.  Not yet.  She needed to do something to distract her.  She knew just how to do that.

She leaned forward, keeping her knees planted firmly on either side of his head.  She rested her forearms on his thighs to brace herself. The position left her hands free and allowed her to grasp his cock. 

She felt him shudder beneath her and his hips jerked up, pushing himself deeper into her hold.  His skin was smooth silk tempered by steel.  Her fingers danced over his impressive length.  He pulsed in her hands.  She stroked him, fascinated with the bright plum of the crown and the drops of precum leaking from the tip.  She used the moisture to lubricate her movements.  She was so intent on her task that she failed to notice that Ben had stopped what he was doing.  Or who.  


“Please what?” She teased, giving him a firm pump.

“You’re an evil bitch.”

She smiled.  “That’s why you love me.”

“You and your mouth.” 

“You love my mouth.”

“I’d love it even more if it were full of my cock.”

“You’re not exactly doing your job right now either,” she countered.

She leaned over until her face was mere millimeters from him.  She blew a soft breath across the head of his dick.  He shuddered beneath him so she did it again. 

He pulled away from her.  “Stop playing and get to business.”

“Oh, but I thought you liked games.”

Her with was rewarded with a sharp nip to her clitoris.

“Oh, God,” she said as the motion caused a gush of wet heat to flood her already soaking pussy.

“Get to it.”  He growled before burying his face once more in her sweetness.

He asked for it.

She lowered her head and took a swipe at the large, milky drop that sat atop his straining cock.  The first taste of him when down like the first sip of double-malted scotch, smooth, smoky, and with just that first hint of fire.  She purred in the back of her throat.  She’d never particularly liked the taste of a man before Ben.  Just another thing she had to thank him for.  Making her into a killer cocksucker.  She dipped in for a more substantial taste, taking the entire mushroom-shaped crown into her mouth and sucking.  His answering grumble set off tiny fireworks in her clit that buried themselves deep into her body.  

Ironically, for all of their adventurous spirits, this was one position that they hadn’t tried.  And now she knew why.  It was difficult to concentrate on giving anything resembling a good blowjob when there was a man between your legs whose lips and teeth were driving you to the brink of ecstasy.  But she gave it her best shot.  

He was too big for her to take completely into her mouth that she gave it the old college try.  Her lips, tongue, teeth, and hands all worked in tandem.  He pulsed beneath her ministrations, growing longer and impossibly thicker.  She knew that he was going to come soon.  She herself was already balancing on the razon thin edge of oblivion.  That was the last thing she wanted.  She wanted him inside of her when they both fell apart.

With one last suck and swirl of her tongue, she released him.  She felt rather than heard his moan of disappointment.  

She sat up, letting herself enjoy his lips and tongue for another few seconds before swinging her legs and dismounting.  

She knelt beside him, taking it all in.  He looked like a wanton buffet, a feast for the senses.  His body was stretched taut, the position making him look even longer and leaner.  For a brief second she worried that he might be uncomfortable bit pushed that away.  She’d been in his position before and knew that any discomfort was soon washed away by pleasure.  Her eyes wandered down his glistening chest, partly from sweat and partly from her.  His cock stretched up from his curly thatch, its tip close to touching his belly button.  She shivered as she imagined him inside of her stretching her.

She met his gaze and shivered from the raw lust that she saw reflected there.  Her eyes never left him as she was again hoisted herself onto him, this time not on his chest but also not near where she knew he wanted her.  They both hissed as she lowered herself onto him, his cock nestled between her weeping folds, the tip pushing at her clit.  She couldn’t stop her hips from rocking, grinding her clitoris onto his blazing flesh, throwing gasoline onto an already blazing inferno.

“You want to kill me.”

She paused.  “You’re no good to me dead.”

“Then stop playing and fuck me.  I need you so much, baby.”

She locked her gaze onto his as she reached below her to grasp his cock.  They both moaned.  She placed the head of his dick against her wet passage.  Then, all at once, with no preliminaries, she impaled herself on him, burying so deep, she swore that he touched the back of her throat.

“Fuck, yeah,” he hissed.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed shut.  He filled her so completely.  Not only her heart but her body.  A small tear escaped from the corner of her eyes and ran down her cheek as she savored the sense of wholeness he gave her.

However, Audrey could not deny the demands of her body.  The time for slow and teasing was over.  This was about fucking.  She opened her eyes and met his gaze.  She knew he felt the same.  She set a brutal pace, working her hips in counterpoint to him upward thrusts.  Neither spoke.  The only sounds in the rooms were hushed moans, breathless pants, and the slap of wet flesh meeting wet flesh.

She didn’t that that he was going to last long and neither was he.  She bent over and capture his lips.  She tasted herself on his tongue and that flavor sank into her pores.  Their kiss was as violent as their lovemaking.  Each one thrusting and paring in a dance as ancient as time.    

“Baby, you feel so damn tight.  Like a fist around my dick.” he panted when she pulled away for air.

She couldn’t respond.  She felt the lightning flashing from her clit and streaking through her veins.  She felt the first wash of orgasm start in her lower belly before crashing through her.  She screamed.  Or maybe he did.  Maybe it was both of them.  She couldn’t tell.  She couldn’t see.  The pleasure was so intense that nothing existed outside of it.  She vaguely felt his own climax but she did know that the sensation set off a new series of explosions designed to milk his cock.  She jerked and shuddered with delight so strong that it bordered on painful.

When it was over, she collapsed in a boneless heap on his chest, his cock still buried inside her.  She struggled to push air onto her lungs.  The wave of ecstasy slowing waning, leaving a pleasant buzz in its wake. 

“God, baby.  That was incredible.”

She forced herself to push her head up.  He looked like a man who had been thoroughly used.  There was a slightly vacant smile on his face and a confused, glossy look in his incredible coral eyes.  

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I want to hold you.”

“Oh, sorry.”  She scrambled beneath the pillow until she found the key.  The second his arms were free, he encompassed her in his embrace.  She buried her face against his neck, breathing in the combined scent of their lovemaking.  

“I love you,” she said.

“I adore you,” he replied.

“Marry me,” she said.  The words slipped out.  She’d meant to wait but this

She felt his still beneath her.  Even his breathing halted.

“What did you say?”

She lifted her head once again to meet his gaze.  Gone was the pleasant haze.  It was replaced by shock of a different kind.  Not the good kind.  Panic, slick and bitter, coated her stomach.

“I love you.  I want to spend my life with you.  Marry me.”

“Auddie,” he said, using his nickname for her.  

He didn’t need to hear anymore.  His regretful tone said it all.

She jerked away.  Her mind seemed to shut down.  He was rejecting her.  Telling her no. 

“Auddie,” he reached for her.  She scrambled off the bed and grabbed her robe from where she’d thrown it over the chaise.

“I need some water.”

She didn’t recognize the hollow sound of her own voice.  She forced one foot in front of the other, her movement stiff and jerky.  When she reached the kitchen, she walked over to the sink and gripped the countertop.  Her breath came in short, lurching pants.  Her mind was a beehive, all noise, no sense.   

“Auddie,” his voice came from over her right shoulder.  

“I’m fine.  I just…”

“Look at me.”

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.  She forced her body to turn.  He was standing less than a foot away from her.  He had pulled on his jeans, leaving the top button unfastened.  He looked sexy and tousled and she she couldn’t stop the jerk in her belly that always happened when she looked at him.   

“Don’t cry,” he said and reached out to wipe a stray tear from her cheek.  

She put her hand to her face.  Sure enough they came away wet.

“I’m sorry.  I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Baby, I love you, you know that.”

“I know.  I do.”  She grimaced.  Wrong choice of words.

“I’ve never thought about getting married.  I just have never been interested.” 

“Don’t. Don’t say anymore.  I shouldn’t have proposed.  That’s not me.  I don’t know why I did it.”  

She turned away, unable to meet his gaze, afraid of what she would see there.  The pity, the regret.  Oh, God, she wanted to make this all go away.

“Before you, I never even had what anyone would call a serious relationship.  Six months was my limit.  Then there was you and you changed everything.  You made me into a better man and I will always be grateful for that.”

Please, Lord, let the floor open up and swallow me.  He’s about to deliver the kiss off.  If it were possible to actually feel your heart shatter, then that was what this deep, throbbing pain was.

“Auddie, look at me.”

She shook her head, unable to force words past her swollen throat.


She turned.  At first, she wasn’t sure what she was seeing.  She swiped at the tears.  No, it wasn’t an illusion.  He was on one knee.  A small, open jeweler’s box extended in his hand.

“You never wait.  I was going to do this right and then…” he shrugged.

Her eyes darted between the gorgeous emerald solitaire set in platinum to his face.

“Will you marry me?  Be mine forever?”

Her jaw dropped.  This was it.  The moment she’d been waiting for.  And she’d almost ruined it.  Joy, bright and clear, filled her until she was sure she was going to burst.  He loved her.  He wanted to marry her!  She wanted to run around on a sunny hillside like a demented nun.  

“Audrey, my knee is starting to throb.”

“Oh, God!  Yes.  Yes! Yes! Yes!”  Her voice rose with every consecutive ‘yes’ until she was screaming.

She ignored the ring as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around him.  She rained tiny kisses over his face.  This was perfect.  This was everything.  This was…

“Forever,” she whispered.


Tricia Leigh Wood said...

Great HEA and very hot sex.

Shorts are hard to write. I'm right there with you on that. I think 8,000 is really short.

Great Job.

Helen Hardt said...

Don't worry that you can't write short, LOL. When you write sex like that, why keep it short? The longer the better ;).