Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Internet

So, while I do love me some cyberspace, I have to admit that I am clueless when it comes to surfing it.  I tend to go to the same places.  Read the same blogs.  Go to the same pages.  I really don't vary my routine.  I mean I do use Google when I want specific information but just surfing for fun?  What's that?!?!

I also don't think I use YouTube the right way.  I don't really know what to look up.  Seriously, after that turtle fucking the shoe video, I laughed so hard, I needed more so I felt like a total perv constantly searching for more turtle shoefucking videos.  But that's really about all I do.  (Well, I'm over the shoefucking for now but who knows when the urge to view it may come back.)

Now, you'd think that it would be a good thing, being a busy writer, to stay away from the internet.  I should be less distracted.  You would be wrong.  I may only go to a handful of places but I spend HOURS doing it.  Which is horrible because I am such a wonderful procrastinator.  

So why am I telling you all of this?  I simply wanted you to know that over the past three days, I have spent over 10 hours researching and building my WEBSITE!!!!  

My CPs have all been bugging me for a year to get a website but it's so expensive that I decided to hold off but this weekend, I could wait no longer.    

It's cool.  It could be better but it's not bad for a first timer.  It was frustrating and exhausting but in the end, I'm pleased with the result.  Once I get a bit more confidence, I might dabble at changing it, doing some fancy schmancy things but for now, it's all good.  And I did it all with my two widdle hands.

So come visit me at my new website: WWW.AUTHORMONICAKAYE.COM

Later Gators!